Victron Smart Dongle with 2 Multiplus


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Aug 2, 2021
I am the proud owner of an older Wanderlodge Motorhome and I’m trying to come to grips with the Solar / Inverter system.

I have:
(2) Victron Multiplus 12/ 3000/ 120 Inverter chargers, currently in split phase configuration.
Color control GX and BMV 702
Victron MPPT 150 100 TR (linked to 4 Canadian Solar 340 Watt Panels)

Everything is working pretty good, but I would like to connect a ve.bus smart dongle to the inverters.

1) Will I need 2 of the smart dongles (1 for each inverter)? Or can I just connect 1 smart dongle to the slave or master inverter?
2) Can I use Victron Connect through the smart dongle to change split phase to parallel configuration? I believe this is an option with the latest software update, but I’m not 100% on that.

I connected a borrowed windows laptop to the CCGX and used Victron connect and ve.bus quick configure. I was able to switch between split phase and parallel using the ve.bus quick configure, but ran out of time to try this on Victron connect. I don’t have access to a laptop on a regular basis, so I was hoping the dongle would offer a solution.

any help would be appreciated!


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Jan 25, 2021
Hello and Happy New Year.

I have a setup with Cerbo GX and a single Multiplus inverter. I am looking at adding a second inverter to my system and I am not sure on how to program it to work in parallel with the current one.

Looking online most have done it using an mk3 to usb cable. Problem is that I have no access to a PC and also do not have the can,e at the moment. I program my inverter by uploading a config file to the vrm website.

If you had a similar problem and found a solution, please do share it with me.