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Vigorpool Captain 1200 -- Adding External Battery a/o Charging From External Battery.


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Jan 10, 2021
I'm in the market for a small/medium sized portable power station solution for off RV'in and offroading. The Vigorpool Captain 1200 checks off a lot of boxes for me -- especially being able to parallel two together for 2400W of power and 2560Wh of energy (paired), for higher loads and more battery capacity.

However, there is no mfg. battery expansion option available for the Vigorpool. ?

I want to be able to use one of the cheap LFP batteries cheaply available to add energy storage capacity to the Vigorpool. The prices of LFP batteries has really come down lately.

Has anyone hacked their power station to be able to connect an external battery to the internal one? I don't assume it's as easy as connecting positive to positive, negative to negative in parallel between an external battery? There's the whole matter of battery management and charge control by the power station. I assume the power station's designers program charging algorithms into the firmware suited to the parameters of installed internal batteries, which may not accommodate charging an management of an external battery in parallel.

Just curious if anyone has had success jacking in an external battery, and if there is any advice on how to do it.

I suppose the next best option is to figure out the best way to 'recharge' the Vigorpool from an external LFP battery via either the Solar charging input (12-56vdc input, 400W max), or cigarette adapter (12/24vdc, 192W max). The external batteries could charge separately via separate, cheap SCC's using their own PV panels, or via the same array used to charge the Vigorpool (not sure charging the power stating and external batteries in parallel from the same array simultaneous is a good idea, but seems possible).


diy solar

diy solar