Voltronic Inverter Home assistant Monitoring


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Sep 19, 2022
Hi everyone,

I know this topic has been posted and discussed at length, but I am pretty new to this and would like input from the seasoned guys.

I am a sparky by trade, and have installed countless Voltronic inverters. Obviously one of the first questions clients asked is "can I monitor this from my phone?"

I know the newer models with built in Wifi is a tad easier to monitor Via watchpower/solarpower app, but is that really the solution? I've seen some projects guys have designed on Home assistant, which to me look like the obvious choice, but my question is: Can a Solution be designed that is more of a plug and play type of thing (on the user side) that can be given to the buyer of the inverter? Something in the lines of ICC, but that is more attractive to look at. I know solar assistant will your answer, but I am sure there can be a more cost effective sollution with something like an ESP8266?

Lastly, direct coms to the battery BMS will require a PI, has someone gone down that rabbit hole?


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Apr 16, 2021
but I am sure there can be a more cost effective sollution
Yes, the answer is Solar Assistant. It's US$56 + Rpi.

It just works. Remote monitoring on phone if you have internet.

It also opens up the ability to control the inverter remotely and/or via automations, be that with Home Assistant and/or via Node Red.