Walmart solar panels catch on fire April 2021

Bud Martin

Photon Sorcerer
I thought they found the problem in the past due to faulty connector around 2019 and was suing Tesla, but here in 2021 Walmart still having panels catch on fire.


Photon Sorcerer
Eh, Walmart is known for being cheap in any and every way they can (including with their employees, though i guess that's changing?). Source cheap components or cheap installers (or both) and something like this is bound to happen.


Photon Sorcerer
I like when these articles assume they're the one and only city on the planet with the name and they don't clearly identify the state its in.

Edit: ah, Illinois. Looked it up on another site.


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Yes solar panels get hot. yes roofing material can burn. I would like to know exactly what did happen. Bad installation?