Wanting to sale about 600 - 18650 recovered laptop battery cells.


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Hi I'm just wanting to see if anyone is interested in about 600 laptop battery cells that I have removed cleaned and charged then capacity tested each cell and then recharged with my XTAR VC8 8 Bay Smart Li-ion Battery Charger. I have about 160 cells that tested between 2200 and 3000 mah, 170 cells that tested between 2000 and 2199 mah , 160 cells that tested between 1500 and 1999 mah , 88 cells that tested between 1000 and 1499 mah and about 44 cells that tested between 500 and 999 mah . I know the cells below 1000 mah are not worth as much as the 2000 and up cells but I'm hoping somebody can still use them. I would like to sale all of the cells as 1 lot. What would be a good asking price for each cell. I have changed directions and will not be using these cells so I would like to pass them on to someone else that is needing some of these cells.