Wattage estimate for a Well pump to pressurized tank


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Right now, we are in our planning phase and we realized that the Well pump we ordered: 5 GPM Well pump takes a TON of wattage to run (240 V @ 11.2 amps= 2640 watt/hr)
Right now in our calcs, we have a 26 gallon pressure tank that would be depleted most days. (25-50 Gallons per day, 2 refills per day).
Given that, the well pump flow is 5GPM, tank is 26 gallons (52 gallons per day) we would turn on the Well pump for 10-15mins per day. so 440-660 Watt Hours per day for the well pump.
My assumptions: The well pump will start pumping at 5GPM. Is this the case? or does it start slow and slowly pick up?
The Well pump will soft start at consume 660 Watts for 15min run time. I was reading that they start at one wattage and end at different wattage.

I just need a good estimate for the daily wattage on these well pumps given we need to refill our Pressurized Well Tank 2x a day at 26Gal per tank.
we have 200ft well, and another 50ft to Cabin.

Thanks in advance!


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Are you U.S. based? This looks like a 50Hz only model.
Yep based in US, what the difference? between 50 and 60?

So if I'm reading these graphs correctly, at say 300ft of Head, I'm getting 1124Watts used. (So total watts or watt hours?), 6.63 GPM, NPSH of 15ft.

It still doesn't tell me what it's total watt hours used to fill 50 gallons, and the rate. that's the part I'm confused about. At 6.6GPM, that's 7.5mins of run time.... so do i take the 1124 Watts* (7.5/60) = 140.5 watt hours.... that doesnt make sense.


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Typical North American residential power is 60Hz, 120/240VAC split phase. Your inverter likely outputs 60Hz. Any generator(s) you have likely output 60Hz.

Euro residential power is 50Hz/230VAC single phase.

Products are designed to consume at a given frequency. Of you try to drive a 60Hz pump @ 50Hz, you will under-power it, and it will under-perform. Powering a 50Hz device w/60Hz will over-power it. Either situation is likely to reduce the life of the unit.

I'd ask the "pump guy" listed on the product page you linked to confirm. It's possible that it's available in 60Hz.

For comparison purposes, a 1hp pump OUTPUTs about 750W (I'm rounding). It will obviously consume more than it outputs, but 1100-1200W sounds about right for a multi-stage submersible pump like the SQ line.

It's as simple as Watts * Time, so 140.5Wh is correct. There may be some variability due to the slow-start features of the SQ pump, but it's not going to be a big difference. It might just be spread over a longer run time.

Congrats on picking an SQ. They're great. I'll eventually have a likely 700' deep well. When I first started looking at them, the SQ wasn't good to that depth. Looks like they are now.