Weco vs. Pylontech?


Solar Enthusiast
Sep 9, 2021

I have three options in regards to lithium batteries, Everexceed, Pylontech and possibly Weco.

I´m not very fond of Everexceed that has 5000 cycles at 80% DOD and no BMS.

So how are your experiences with Pylontech and Weco?

I get 3 years of warranty on the Pylontech, but I understand that it´s very limited and they try to avoid responsibility by referring to missing firmware updates e.t.c.

I don´t know yet what kind of warranty I get with the Weco, they promote 10 years online, but one place I saw that this is only for certain countries.

So if anyone have experience with the customer service of the two, then I would like to hear about it :)