What are my NON-solar charging options for a 33v Nissan Leaf battery?


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I've been enjoying my 8S Nissan Leaf battery bank and the mini split air con that it powers but would like to increase my charging capabilities.

Currently I am using 900W of solar through a Victron MPPT to charge them to 32.88V.

I also have a Victron Buck Boost Converter 100/50amp 12/24v alternator charger however it can only output a max of 30v.

I'd love to know if anyone has suggestions on how to charge this odd battery voltage of 32.88 from the alternator or other sources.

My current best solution would be to run 2x 8.5amp Victron Orion 24/48 converters in parallel fed by the buck boost converter at 30v then sending it all through another MPPT to allow the MPPT to convert the 48v down to 32.88v.

I'm also not entirely sure it's even possible to hook those devices up after the buck boost converter because of its programming software. (although If all it really needs is the battery bank voltage then the devices hooked up afterwards (Orions + MPPT) would be able to provide it.)

Additionally, does anyone know if the victron 24v Multiplus can be programmed to charge at approx 33v or if it's constrained to standard lithium solutions?

Anyway, would love to know if anyone knows of devices that may be ideal for this second life Nissan Leaf battery system, thanks.


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I would probably invert the chassis battery power and use an adjustable power supply such as Meanwell.
Maybe a bit low tech and lower efficiency but should be reliable.