WHAT BMS would you guys recommend for this setup ... ???


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Nov 13, 2019
EE from LAX CA -work in SouthTX for giant evil Oil
We are about to install (3) banks of 280A 48V LiFePO4 batteries and connect it all together to feed either a 48V Sunny Island or a 48V EG4 -- I can't remember which one since the other team is doing that part ...

BUT my question is -- and again being the laziest engineer that this oil company has ever hired -- instead of reading through 5000 posts on what the BMS of the Day is -- WHAT BMS would you guys recommend for this setup ... ???

We will be only drawing NO MORE than 100A Maximum - if that - from the battery supplies -- we would like t either monitor the batteries via BT or WIFI also ...

Balancing has never been really important to me since daily I pound these guys to 100% (cause that's just the way we roll out here in South Texas + God help us if any of our equipment ever went down and corporate found out that we could have squeezed a few more mV out of them)

BUT -- what BMS would you guys get .... ??

@Off-Grid-Garage (Andy you seem to test 100 a week so asking specially you)
REC has a BMS model that talks to SI.
Active balancer, external relay, precharge circuit.
I haven't used it, but other members have.

(May not support your newfangled wireless monitoring, however)

Here's a new one, see REC installed:

MurphyGuy has been running SI and REC for a while

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In spite of narly customer support, and really high $, I still like Batrium. I'm up to 126 packs at 260ah each and 5 years and works smoothly.
Batrium can close a relay or pulse to an external shunt-trip breaker for critical shutdown. I use a 400a SACE S3. In addition to top level balancing, there's an auto-level balancing option - e.g. will balance continuously over the entire charge/discharge range.