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Mar 29, 2022
Odem Texas
I would like to build a system in a converted cargo trailer to camper that is capable of running a 120v 1300 watt ac unit, a single cup 120v coffee, 6-12v led lights inside and 4-12v led lights outside, with shore power and a 2000 watt generator when no shore power is available. I am in the process of purchasing a trailer with 400 watts of solar panels on the roof now. I am not sure what comes with it other than the panels. I am assuming nothing. Help and advice will be GREATLY APPRECIATED.
I like this video quite a bit as an intro to thinking about the flow of things:

There are a bunch of Will’s videos on the sister site too (look at the “more…” menu:

You will have more knowledge and specie questions which you should bring back here or to an appropriately named thread.
I have found out that the solar panels were connected to a Bluetti solar generator. Unsure what model right now.
I have found out that the solar panels were connected to a Bluetti solar generator. Unsure what model right now.
The Bluetti has a solar charger and battery and would make your task a lot simpler. Size is the key and of course that's directly proportional to $$.

But keep in mind that a 1300W A/C will consume (roughly, depending on conditions and duty cycle), 1300Wh per hour. I am not sure how the Bluetti units are sized but a 1500Wh (if it even exists) would run your A/C for about an hour. Perhaps extended a bit with 400W of solar providing 400Wh in that hour to extend your A/C runtime by about 15 minutes.

A/C is difficult with solar. Normally not feasible with only 400W. I would think 4x that minimum with a significant battery.
Lots of info in your other question.

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I am pretty sure @rmaddy has A/C window unit on his (avatar pic) trailer with modest solar.
My A/C uses 430W max. I have 990W of solar and 5274Wh (24V 206Ah) of LiFePO₄ battery.

The OP of this thread has a 1300W A/C and 400W of solar. I already showed a lot of the math in the OP's other thread that I linked above.

To run the 1300W A/C during the day on solar you would need at least 1300W of solar input which means more than 1300W of solar panels. Of course if there is any need to run the A/C late in the day or early evening when there is no solar then the battery must be large enough to handle the A/C loads as well as keep everything running all night and in the morning before the solar can start recharging the battery again. Ideally there is enough solar to get the batteries fully recharged before the A/C is needed again.

It's all doable but it requires a lot of battery and a lot of solar. This is why I originally suggested (in the other thread) that a far more efficient A/C would be much better to avoid needing so much battery and solar.