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What is the minimum current a generator must produce to hook up to a Victron Multiplus II 48/8000?


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Feb 20, 2021
We were recently told to consider "minimum input current limit" when selecting a Victron Multiplus II inverter. We are off grid. We looked at the manual, on page 16 under Section "5.1. Standard settings: ready for use," and it says "AC input current limit" is 50A for the 8kVA multiplus II. Or, rather, that is the standard factory setting when the unit is shipped. I don't think this is the minimum current limit for a generator connected to the system.


On page 18, however, there is a section called "AC input current limit" that says "These are the current limit settings for which PowerControl and PowerAssist come into operation." It gives a range of 11A to 100A. I interpret that to mean that the "AC input current limit" setting which comes factory set at 50A could be set as low as 11A, i.e., 11A would be the minimum.


My understanding is that PowerAssist is the feature by which, if the generator is running but insufficient for the loads, the Multiplus II will supplement the generator with power from the batteries and then when the load reduces, spare power goes back to charging the batteries. I'm not sure how the "AC input current limit" setting interacts with this feature.

Finally, by email a Victron rep gave a calculation for the "minimum input current limit" which suggested it was 7.6A, which is not a number I see in the manual and is below the minimum setting for PowerAssist and comes from a spreadsheet he provided us (couldn't attach to this post). I am guessing that number he provided is for each generator that might be paralleled together. So while 11 amp is the minimum for the 48/8000, if you had two in parallel (which you can't do, they don't parallel, but if they could) the minimum current from the generator wired into each would not be 11 divided by 2 = 5.5, but rather 7.6 on each. That's my guess anyway.

If the "minimum input current limit" is actually the 50A setting that comes standard, then we'd need a new generator. But if it's no more than 30A, we don't. So that's why we're trying to understand what it is and what it means and why the Victron representative brought it up.

In short, our Honda EU7000 generator can supply 30A at 240V which we think is sufficient to charge the battery bank with a Multiplus II 48/8000. Does anybody think otherwise? We've asked the Victron representative why he thought our generator might be an issue regarding "minimum current limit" (which we cannot find in the manual) and will report back.
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I believe the generator would need to meet the minimum 11 amps to provide the power assist minimum or could overload the generator.
12 to 14 amp available might be better and keep it dialed down at 11 amps. 30 amps is way plenty, set the victron to 24 amps.

This is one of the best features of the Multiplus to boost a smallish generator.
Just stumbled across this post.

I have attached a zip file containing the spreadsheet mentioned above for all VE.Bus inverters.

Must be at firmware v485 or higher unless otherwise indicated.


This means the minimum AC input limit is 7.6A, i.e., it can't be configured to draw less than this as a maximum.

A generator that supplies 7.6A to the AC input would suffice.

If the OP is saying that they have a generator that can deliver 30A, set this number to 24-27A to give yourself some margin (don't want to trip the generator's breaker), and you'll be fine.


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