What would you buy now?


Solar Enthusiast
If you knew you were going to have to build another system within the next 6 months, what would you buy now (if anything)?

I will hopefully need a second solar setup at a new location in about 6 months. (grid install is 10k+ to just run wires) I already have a 24V system at home – 2 batteries, 1 growatt inverter, and panels. My thought is to get another set of batteries NOW. They will work in the home system without any effort. Then as the new location gets established and needs determined, get panels and the rest.

I can definitely use the $2k elsewhere (cost to DIY 2 batteries). But I see costs continue to go through the roof and since batteries are the most costly part – better to buy now?



Solar Addict
since I installed my system... i have doubled the battery and plan on adding another 3ish kw of additional panels. so 8kw of panels on dual 3kw inverters with about 450ah of battery.

If i had better a better site, (more sky with more sunlight hrs) i would move to 16-20kw of panels and a 12kw solark for the whole house instead of just the critical loads panel.