What's the official opinion from the experts when it comes to daily charging LiFePO4 to 100%?


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I feel like this is a topic that's been beaten to death for years but I'm not finding much about it anywhere.

Does battleborn recommend charging their batteries to 100% daily?
Is a full 100% discharge cycle the same as discharging from 80% to 30% twice?
Should I set my solar generator to only charge to 90%?
Are there any differences with lithium ion?


Is your battery a Battleborn?
If you have a commodity diy battery I would suggest a different charging strategy vs a store bought battery with a good reputation and an 8 year warranty.


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I'd contact them, or go to their site to get the recommended procedure if you are a prospective purchaser, or original-owner. This is especially important to demonstrate a warranty.

Generally speaking, there is no need, nor is it actually desirable to HOLD lithium batteries (lfp or non-lfp) at full charge.

HOWEVER, to make sure that the battery of cells is balanced by the internal bms in most pre-built battery banks, then an initial charge to 100% is advised to balance out any small variations of cell capacity or soc when initially received.

Afterwards, you are under no obligation to charge back to 100% as long as your charge meets your capacity needs. But, due to natural aging that happens with all chemicals, I'd return to 100% once in awhile to help maintain a proper balance. With a BB, this shouldn't be a problem. With cheap junk, yeah, you might have to do this more often to nurse trash cells.

80-30% is a fine way to go. Just know that striving to achieve this perfectly may be more effort than it is worth, when you factor in cell aging. Simply buy a little bit more capacity than you need, rather than try and crystal-ball the magic SOC numbers - which can be less than meaningful if chemical aging is not taken into account as the years pass.

It's a long way of saying that you can "outlive" the cycles available to you, when chemical aging starts to take more control (internal resistance) than mere SOC values. Just buy a little more capacity than you need so you don't have to worry so much and use it.