Where did you come from/where else do you go?


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This is the first solar power forum I’ve discovered, despite looking for months. I did dabble with some of the solar Facebook groups, but you know how bad Facebook is at times...

I‘ve been on rcgroups.com since 2005, and that RC model plane forum has a lot of info and discussion about lithium battery charging and use. Many crossovers between RC models and solar actually.
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I got into "tech" because I judge friendships based on how much I'd rather be spending time on the internet alone reading :ROFLMAO:. I have FB and instagram that I haven't logged into for several months and I will never reinstall the mobile apps. All jokes aside, I've been interested in becoming more self-reliant off and on for the past few years, but the recent political stuff has lit the fire under my butt to start pulling triggers on making the purchases and putting in the work. Everything seems fragile these days.

YouTube, diysolarforum are pretty much the only places I visit for this topic and is quickly becoming the majority of my internet use. I'm still looking for a good forum to peruse homesteading subjects. I'd like fresh eggs :)
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I'm still looking for a good forum to peruse homesteading subjects. I'd like fresh eggs
I have found a lot of Youtube videos on that subject. My wife grew up in the country and we are trying to find another place with enough room for some chickens.


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I decided to “fast “ from political social media mainly Twitter and Parler and the next thing I know I have several thousand bucks in a new hybrid inverter, 16 fortune cells on a boat headed this way, (hopefully-CNY ended Saturday) and 4overkill BMS’s in my office. My wife is starting to monitor my Amazon activity much closer. Really enjoyed learning from everyone and mounting some panels in the next few months.


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As it specifically pertains to solar, this is the first community forum I’ve come to. I have a Facebook account, but only use it for the marketplace, anymore. I stopped doing much social interaction there a few years ago. I came here from Will Prowse’ YouTube channel. Lately it seems like I am either on YouTube or here. Doing an RV conversion and this site is a great resource.


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I have several thousand bucks in a new hybrid inverter, 16 fortune cells on a boat headed this way, (hopefully-CNY ended Saturday) and 4overkill BMS’s in my office. My wife..
Only got ya for 16 cells huh? I put in an order for 24 last week. Staring at a 3kw 24 Volt All-in-one box right now. I'm itching to go buy some really cheap 12 volt 7ah batteries to run in series and start playing with the configuration on this thing. And the wifi dongle with it. Also planning on 3 Overkill 8s BMS's. I am my own CFO. ;) Need to decide on panels still, hate the idea of putting them on the roof, it's not at the best angle with regards to the equator. But I also hate the idea of having them low enough they could grow legs while I'm not there. Suppose that's a good reason to get the heaviest least efficient panels I can find.

but only use it for the marketplace, anymore... Doing an RV conversion and this site is a great resource.

Marketplace, I need to post some antique furniture and china for sale. Never used it but I'm betting that's going to be my best bet to get rid of some stuff that is just sitting in storage.

Working on a 30 foot early 90's motor home as well.


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Decades ago, some message groups at HP.

I use Craigslist and primarily eBay for most purchasing.

Used to have some in-person social network at work, but for the past year haven't worked on-site anywhere for more than about 1 week total and was employed only half the time. It's been pets, wife, an acre on the hill, and of course you guys. Looking forward to going "back" to the new office location in a couple months when it is ready.

The devil found work for these idle hands, and the PV stuff I've bought (msrp would have been six figures) provide more power than I'll ever need, but it does feel satisfying to ride through power failures.


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I frequent a local forum, basically a place for locals to get together, but it's turned mostly to politics. Also a Slingshot forum to keep up on the Slingshot 3-wheel community. No facebook, twitter, tictoc, etc.......


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Where do I come from? Yikes, where to start? I got here from Will’s YouTube channel.
I have never been on any other solar or battery forum, so I don’t have any other experience with solar forums. I am glad of that, this site is fantastic!
Where do I go?
oh, the list is just too long.
I am a licensed electrician, and HVAC contracting owner... I visit HVAC-TALK forum regularly.
I love MB diesels, and I have been a member of Peachparts forum for 15 plus years...
I also have sprinters and GM diesels, so those forums as well...
Of course, YouTube. I follow a wide variety of tubers...

Wits' End

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This is the only forum, I would say I'm active on. Here thanks to Will on YT. Used to be very active on Candle Power Forums, a flashlight forum. Started there in 2001, when 1W LEDs were just about to hit the market. I'm mostly doing research. Yes and explain how you just spent at least an hour on the thread about loctite & JB Weld & helicoils. Which though I know about, will probably never use to put studs into batteries.
And I never would spend $100+ on a flashlight 😁


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Solar Panel Talk
Northern Arizona Wind & Sun Solar Forum
MidNite Solar Forum
Outback forum
Mike Holt forum (viewer only)
Modern Off Grid DIY (crazy cool Hawaiian guy) YouTube channel

I learned and built my whole project from those discussions.

Found Will's YouTube channel which peaked my interest for LFP which lead me here and to the buy group where I now have 16 272ah cells on order.

Just a simple uneducated DIYer always learning while trying not to burn my house down
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