Who's got the biggest


Solar Addict
Not to start a mines bigger than yours exercise, but I'm interested in who has built the largest DiY LiFepO4 battery bank.

I have just upgraded mine today to 4p16s 280Ah (53kWh) pack to combat the dark UK winter and short days but large solar array.

Interested in what you all have.


Freezing in the dark non-enthusiast
Currently, it's 1.4 kWh LiFePO4, 0.5 kWh Tesla 2170 cells, in testing. Planning for about 7.7 kWh. But that's mixed, 5.6 kWh of that is to be LiFePO4, the remainder to be Tesla 2170 cells. I could go to about 9.75 kWh, by adding Tesla cells, without changing the design. In a minivan.