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diy solar

why does my PacPow 58.4v-20a charger work on 120vAC house power, but not with off-grid 120vAC pure-sine inverter?


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Apr 23, 2023
santa fe, NM
I have been using a PacPow 58.4v-20a charger to top balance new server rack batteries before installing in parallel... no problem running on Grid power.

However, I tried running the PacPow using a little 3000watt pure-sine inverter (w 4 kWhr battery, and PV input) 'portable' Solar generator I use on off-grid construction sites to charge cordless tools, even run a 1350watt teapot no problem, and it will NOT run. The PacPow starts ramping up, and the inverter dies about halfway, and output voltage drops to zero.

The inverter runs the 1350watt teapot fine... no load battery voltage of 13.3 sags to about 12.7 under load.
PacPow pulls 1100 watts on house power, but kills inverter as it is ramping up right around 500-600 watts or so.

...can I fix it?
...could it possibly be a grounding issue? (The portable inverter is not grounded to earth)
The inverter may not play well with the pacpow. Try putting a resistive load, like a 100 watt incandescent light bulb, along with the inverter, to smooth out the power draw.

diy solar

diy solar