Wiring between multiple arrays


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Trying to help my neighbor with his Grid-Tie rooftop solar installation in California. The 9.75 kW system consists of 26 panels split into five arrays. The distance between arrays varies between 5ft - 20 ft. The roof has many ridges, hips and valleys to contend with. The panels will be wired into two DC strings with a 12 panel string comprised of one array and a 14 panel string comprised of the remaining 4 arrays. Using Solaredge inverter and optimizers. Questions: 1) Is conduit required between the arrays? 2) if yes, can flexible conduit be used due to the many roof ups and downs between arrays. 3) Conduit diameter? Assume only two DC 600V cables and ground needed in a possible conduit. 4) Assume a conduit support/riser is needed every 10ft. 5) Other thoughts or links to array wiring would be appreciated?




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I have spent hours trying to find the applicable codes and have only found bits and pieces. I found a NEC reference talking about 6in diameter flexible conduit for a 10ft length, but a neighbor has a similar length flexible conduit and it is only about an inch in diameter. Also found conduit lengths greater than 10ft appear to require a mount and a riser, but was unclear if it was needed for DC solar cables. Searching this website looking for wiring of arrays and conduit requirements showed nothing. I assume that there is little online about arrays because most residential roof mounted solar installations have mainly one large array and if they have multiple arrays chances are the distance apart is less than 10ft. My own installation has 20 panels in three arrays with a inter-array distance of about 3 ft.