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diy solar

Wiring for 6000XP and LV6548 upgrade


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Apr 11, 2024
image1.jpegHello. I’m hoping to get some advice on my upgrade plan. I have upgraded my system a couple of times and now I’m ready to get get more serious.
I currently have a LV6548 with 2000 watts of solar and 272 ah of storage.
Wanting to add on a EG4 6000XP, 18/415 watt panels and 3 SOC 100 ah server rack batteries.

My equipment is in a shed 100’ from my main and where I want to put the critical load panel so it’s a long run. My original idea was to run the AC into both inverters individually from the sub panel I have on the grid panel. The sub has 100 amps 240v of power. And then run back to the critical load panel. I only have a few lights and some plugs in the shed. I have read this entire post and many others and they have been very helpful to expand on my diy knowledge.

One of my challenges is I’m not sure if the 3 awg cable will fit in the 6548 lugs. Any ideas and any input to my plan would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance.