Wiring multiplus 2 in my 5th wheel

2019 Cummins

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Jul 26, 2021
My fith wheel came generator prep the transfer switch already installed. I am wondering can I just pull out the transfer switch out and run 6/4 Romex Wire on the incoming shore power side where the transfer switch was uusing lug blocks or Polaris Multitap Connectors to add 15 feet of 6/4 to the inverter input line? Then from the inverter line out 15 feet back to where the transfer switch was using lug blocks or Polaris to the line going to the breaker panel? Or would it just be best to pull all the 6/4 Romex Wire out that came on the 5th wheel make a continuous run from the shore power to the inverter line in and from inverter line out to the rv breaker panel? All a continuous run.


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