WTB 20s 72V 18650 BMS for contacter usage


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Nov 7, 2020
Hello Folks, Girls and Men's looking for a BMS for a 20s Setup. 72V out of 18650.
Current max continues is 2c of 2900mA

I have 400 Lions 3.7V available.
I have already the contacter gas filled and Mega fuses.
So I thought to go entry dollar level.
Seperate Port.

20s in series is 84V but the call it 72V packs. So a 20s 20p.
Wow this is getting big? Is this to big for a Gokart Pack.

5,8A * 20 = 116A.
That's 8kw. Is that to much?

The contacter I am using is a 12V gas filled LS contacter.

What small BMS can I use to control the contacter and still have enough balanceing function?

Attached some pictures of my Corona Project. There is not much to do here but we all try our best to bring sence in our life.
But this I dout could be discussed.

Greetings BobIMG20210122190346.jpgIMG20210118174552.jpgIMG20201116155635.jpg


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