XD Battery


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Jun 20, 2020
Really thinking about grabbing some deep cycle lithium batteries from them but a bit scared to pull the plug from any vendor based in china

Prices are about half of local lithium batteries with duty, gst and import tax included.


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Sep 24, 2019
Queensland Australia
Mate it's been a bloody mess. Their shipping agent delivered the goods to a randoms house in regional Victoria! It sat there for 4 weeks. The resident finally tracked down the supplier and told them about it and it finally made it back to me in Brisbane! They were pretty beat up. The 12v one is ok. The 48v one was not.

They are sending a replacement. 🙄

I have since ordered some EVE 280ah cells and will be building them locally.



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Dec 21, 2020
Hi guys

I'm from Germany and ordered a 100Ah 12.8V LiFePO4-battery for my camper van at xd battery on alibaba.com.
The support before ordering was just fine. They replied very fast, answered all questions, offered a good price and even took care of the duty service (import to Germany via Poland - didn't have to pay any extra taxes).

HOWEVER: I really do not recommend to buy their products! The mess began after the order was placed.
Shipping took a lil longer than they said before but due to COVID that's fine for me (ordered in March, received in May).
I used this battery for 1-2 month. Then it was broken! It refused any charging current. Discharging wasn't possible neither.
I contacted the support and they tried to help me (even if they suddenly replied very slowly). But they weren't able to get the Battery running again. As time passed by they didn't even answer me anymore. So I contacted Alibaba and asked for help as XD Battery claimed 3-5 years of warranty in their product description.
After arguing with Alibaba they at least said they will ship a new BMS. But nothing happened. After contacting the support again I was asked to open the Battery Box, disconnect and reconnect the BMS on my own - which didn't help. I'm still having trouble with the battery.
The support now isn't resonding again, nor sent me a new BMS/Battery as they claimed.

It wasn't the first product I ordered in China. To be clear: I'm really used to chinese products and their support. But I really recommend you guys to avoid this company! It's really a pain in the a**!

I'm still waiting for my money, a new battery, a new BMS or even an answer by the company!

Hope this post helps and isn't late ;)



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Apr 27, 2022
Late reply. I fully agree with Matzegu! STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY! They ignore you if something happens with the batteries during warranty time. And as it seems, quality is not good, something is likely to happen.