ZKE EBC-A40L Windows 11 Fail


Solar Wizard
Dec 12, 2020
Denver, mostly
I've had a Zketech EBC-A40L cell tester for (I think) around 3 years. I've tested 5 batches of cells with it and really liked collecting the spreadsheets to see where the Ah progression happened, and of course to verify the capacity of the cells.

I blew the dust off of it today to do some stuff, and hooked it up to the same laptop that I used previously. I discovered pretty quickly that the testing software on the laptop couldn't see the USB serial port adapter that was connected to the tester. A quick examination of the device manager reported that the particular chip that ZKE used in the USB port was not supported in Windows 11. Argh!!!

Luckily I've got an old machine running Windows 10, and it seems to connect fine.

Does anyone have a workaround under Windows 11 to run the EBC-A40L?

If not, I guess this is just a word of warning: Turn down the free Windows 11 upgrade if you want to run the Zketech cell tester.
Devices like these that are well priced are worth having a dedicated virtual machine and just passing through the usb to the VM to run it. and freeze that VM / disconnect internet so it lasts forever.