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Hi All, I'm LarryS and live on a 30' sailboat. i'm new to solar systems. i just purchased a PIP-1012LV-MS from today due to info on this site, and will buy 2Battle Born batteries and 200 watt 12V solar panel from Rich Solar. I ope this will extend my stay from the grid from 2 days to ?. I live in Alameda CA. Like RV folks I am off-grid alot at anchor
I set off today to buy the bits to build 100ah 12v battery with BMS, spoke with Basen, and a couple of others.. shipping to UK... that's a no.

Did your heat pad and 1/4 in. aul plate work
I haven't gotten it assembled yet, but I purchased that heat pad based on another person who tried it here (also with aluminum plate), and they indicated it worked well for them. And I purchased the thermostat switch on my own selection based on it's features, and since then another forum member has tried that same one out and it worked well in their system so far, so I know that will work as well.
Hello HighTechLab, am your subscriber on YouTube. Just a little question, I will be building a battery bank like yours soon. But mine will be 48 batteries and connected in 16s config. Since obviously I can’t build a bms like yours, should I use (3) 16s bms then parallel it together or one bms for all the batteries connected in series and parallel?
I recommend paralleling your batteries first, then series connecting them second. Use one BMS for the whole pack, this way if one BMS shuts down, it doesn't create a case where the rest of the batteries have to make up the difference.
A gentle reminder, ensure that each BMS is capable of handling all Load potential & charge capacity as if each battery was "alone" in the bank, essentially the last man standing", because what happens if you have 4 packs in one bank and 3 disconnect due to Lo/Hi voltage for example, the last one has to deal with it.
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Great closeup view of the cross section👍
Surely this video advice will help people stay safe and have a good time with more amps flowing through their system. Cheers
Thanks!! At first I was concerned about these crimps, because many have said to make sure you have really sharply formed corners on the crimp, which these didn't have...Cutting away at this and seeing what things looked like certainly gave me some confidence in the work I was doing.
Hi Michael,

I would like a quote for 12 Qty. 280 AH or the 272 AH cells shipped to 83544. Do you sell the the BMS or just order from overkill? I noticed in Outmyth message "
are you still making the battery box with BMS built-in, Anderson plugs, and voltage display? If so, pls quote the batter box with the following configurations separately to CA 95148:"
This would be an awesome option perhaps.
Here's a strange question! If you have a battery bank hooked in parallel (3 B.B), here the question. If I have my charge controller hooked to +(1st) and -(3rd) batteries, does a secondary battery charger need to be hooked in the exact pattern or can I hook +(3rd) and -(1st) batteries?