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Rich I just wanted to personally thank you I haven’t bought my wiring for my panels yet but your messages in my post have been the bread n butter to making off grid life work for my family thank you again ,
P.s. are you affiliated with rich solar by any chance? 😆 been looking at getting my cabling from them
Nope, not affiliated with anyone. Just fumbling through life and sharing my experiences. Hope all goes well for you!
Hello I have 16 lithium batteries I want to create a 24 volt battery system as my inverter is only 24 volts. How do I do it? Also can you show me a diagram and I am also sending you the equipment I currently have. Lastly my BMS has 9 wires how do I connect it to the batteries? I can be reached at hawkeye312457@gmail.comCALB-CA100-CA100FL-3.2-100AH.jpg706c542fc427065c5e6d1041972cb74a.jpg


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So I will be passing by on I 684 Saturday Morning (hopefully before noon) and returning on Sunday. If you have any of those cells left I am interested.
Would prefer 8, but 4 is ok.
Can you pls let me know as how to connect with USB to RS485 as it is not connecting and asking " No serial port avaliable...
What are you trying to connect to? as in, what is the piece of equipment - Inverter, BMS, ETC.
I watch all your videos (over and over) on the treadmill. I may be mistaken but I've never seen you talk about compression. I see people on here talking about compressing their batteries all the time - do I need to? For example the DIY milk crate battery.
Relief for me my refund on American Express came through this morning, no idea if that was pressure from Amex or not. The person I had to argue with was Iris <> who claimed in an email "I am the Sanben Global Battery Store on the Aliexpress platform." Anyway good luck and any support I can give let me know.
They finally said they will give my money back after I told them I will trash them on the internet everywhere I can... and also that there already people talking negatively about them. Not sure they care... probably more people out there they can screw than people like us. Aliexpress doesnt seem to care either.
Hi! I've been following DIY Solar for some time now, enjoying all the great info. Now, I want to replace the meager 80ah Autozone flooded battery in my Adventure trailer. I want to build a 100 ah LiFEpo battery and add 2 200 w panels to the trailer . I have a concern about the vibration and hot environment tolerance of the battery.

Good afternoon, I am going to build a really good size bank using these cells, Samsung SDI 3.7 VDC 94 AH . I have (40) that I need help in configuring into a 12 VDC bank, I am limited to my Outback VFX 2812 inverter/charger. I have ( 3) FlexMax 60 CC and (9) 270 watt panels
you still got this inverter ? if so will to trade for a

Sunny Boy 3000TL-US GRID-TIE​

Purchased Will''s book "Mobile Solar Power" with the desire to build out the Clásic 400 watt system in my 15 ft vintage trailer. I live in Seattle so I am looking to learn the possibilities for a build in a largely cloudy environment at the 46th parallel. Would be happy if I could run a 450 watt mini frig off grid.