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Michael, I understand you are putting together group buys of LiPOFe4 cells. I'm not particular about brand but want quality cells. Approximately 280 AH cells would be good. I might be interested in as many as 24 cells. Please let me know what's possible. Zipcode 83833. I promise I'll be a great customer! Ben
@Michael B Caro I hope you aren't planning on selling cells to new buyers before you make good for those who have already paid and are still waiting to receive them!
Pretty sure he already admitted to taking money from earlier orders and just using their money to buy different batteries for a different project of his. So he won't respond because your money is tied up in someone else's order. Seems like he is just hoping this all will settle in the end and everyone will just magically get their batteries and be happy. Biggest red flag I've ever seen.
On another note, he has another business, that he has been using their invoices to send to people. In essence, tying their other somewhat successful business, to this battery endeavor he is attempting. So in the end this dude and his family business is gonna get burned hard, if he doesn't find all that money.
Hi Jenny,
Can you please send me current pricing for 16 300/280/230ah cells. Trying to decide which to buy. Also JBD 100 & 150 8s BMS pricing. Will consider shipping from china if the price is better. I plan to order very soon. You can DM me.
I'd like to see you address the forum and let people know this week when they can either expect their product or their refund. wire fraud is serious. thanks.
Are those cells still available?

I'm in the Frederick/Clarksburg, MD area.

What are you looking to get for them?

Dennis 240-308-4666
Since you have the Kehang 280s there in Michigan now, what will it cost to ship them to 89011? I'm ready to pay and get those cells!
A friend was showing me PV system and I noticed he wired the Solar Ground and Battery ground together. The system appears to be working fine for the last Year since his install. Does anyone know if this will be a problem in the future? The only thing that’s gone wrong with his installation is two of his BMSs have died But he confessed that they were only $7 each for 100 amp BMS, which might explain why they failed!
I have a surplus 250 class t and holder (used) Make small offer + US shipping if interested.
I already have a Class T holder. I just purchased a 250a Class T fuse from Best Converter for $32.42 including shipping. I guess I'd purchase your "surplus 250 class t and holder (used)" for $32.42.


Have a 16s 100ah 48V battery bank. Like to know if I can parallel it with another 16s of the larger capacity 280ah or 320ah LiFePo4 batteries. Will it charge and discharge properly?
Will, I posted an issue under PatD in this forum regarding a code 08 on my MPPSolar charger-inverter 24V. Was wondering if you had any ideas on what the issue could be. The code only shows up when I add generator power as my 120V input. (i'm off grid only). Solar charging works fine and the inverter is operating normal as well.