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  • If you post a thread in the wrong category, it will be moved.
  • If your post is not well-thought-out (a string of random words) or completely off the topic of this forum, it will be deleted.
  • If you are a corporate entity, you must state your affiliation in your username/custom title section of your profile.
  • If someone perceives you to be "wrong" about something, accept it and move on. We are all adults, and we are here to help each other and learn. If someone proves that something you said was wrong, say "Wow! Thank you for teaching me this new information" and move on.
  • If you do not know the answer to someone's question, do not reply to a thread. Responding to every thread with more questions, or trying to answer something that you do not 100% understand, can be misleading for beginners. If you wish to help, and you can help, do it. If not, let someone else respond.
  • If someone has answered a thread's question, give them a "like" and move on. Having 10 different people post the same answer in a thread, fills it with redundant information. If you see a good answer, give them a like, and move on.
  • 1 profile per person. There is no reason to have multiples, and our system will flag it based on IP address.
  • Vendors cannot post links to their website/store/blog post in the signature section of their posts. This applies to affiliate links, and non affiliate links. They can post a logo for their profile picture. Every vendor needs to state their position in the company in the "subtitle" section of their profile. This will help forum members understand if you are an engineer, a marketer, or the owner of the company. Vendors cannot post self-promotion content or material. This includes prices, deals or marketing material. If they need to reference a specific product without promoting themselves (posting a link to a manual or wiring diagram), that is fine.

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