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I've a comment about multiple NG bonds which wasn't mentioned HERE.

The issue with multiple NG bonds is most easily explained in your discussion of "AC Neutral To Equipment Ground bond" elsewhere, i.e.,

If multiple NG bonds are present, they result in the ground conductor becoming a "current carrying" conductor in parallel with the neutral conductor. As such, the neutral current gets shared between the neutral conductor and the grounding conductor, which is exactly what is NOT desired.

Anytime the neutral and ground conductors are connected at more than one point, the ground conductor is no longer isolated and becomes part of the neutral circuit.

THANK YOU for writing these documents!
Pretty good spreadsheet! I would only add one other item to calculate - inverter standby consumption.

My 24v Growatt whittles my little 100ah battery down pretty good throughout the day.
Essential numbers to have for a newbie like me, this is grand!!