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Thank you very much for the help, brought my 1st 4p16s online this week.
Absolutely brilliant. Explained in simple detail what the general manufacturers wont/dont do.
Excellent how to for beginners. You can't go wrong if you follow the directions to the letter.
HOLY CRAP!!! This is AWESOME! I could not have found this at a better time as I am looking for help on doing exactly what you describe here. I am now going to order my variable DC power supply right now. I'll look at the power supply you recommend and compare it to what I am considering.

By the way, I like the Alfred E. Neuman avatar.
Thank you so much for the new software!

I would like to add the note that this version of the software is not compatible with the 3s, 4s, and 5s versions of Daly BMS, those units require Sinowealth instead of PCMaster
Thank you for your very useful information! It's really helpful.
Thanks for sharing! It's really hard to get anything directly from DALY. Also I appreciate the details and screenshots, they're very helpful.
thank you for scanning this manual. i rotated the pages after downloading. very valuable resource for community.