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  • Post in thread: Preparing for WW3

    When the guns go off, your life should be your biggest concern, not your hybrid inverter, well, that's not funny at all. War is cruel, may the world be at peace!
  • Post in thread: 320ah Cells Ordered.

    In the next two months, a new post "Liar! AliExpress XXX" Because this price is completely impossible.
  • Post in thread: Mix and match batteries.

    Yes, you can do this. But you've also heard of "The barrel principle", the same principle applies to battery packs that mix different cells, high performance cells will always be constrained by low performance cells.
  • Post in thread: Best Chinese battery company???

    Hey, Brother. DIY solar forum discussions are all related to DIY solar battery cells. The "Powerwall" you are consulting also belongs to solar battery, but it is generally called home battery, you can search: Sonnen, Tesla Powerwall and Felicity Solar.
  • Post in thread: Selecting the right lithium pack for my inverter

    According to comparing their parameters, if you are using Voltronic Infinisolar V IV 5.6KW, it can be downward compatible with Growatt Hope 4.8L-C1 Lithium Battery LifePo4.
  • Post in thread: The best lithium battery

    Where are you going to use them? 16pcs can make 12V, 24V, 48V systems. If you consider using 230Ah, it is recommended that you build it into 24V 460Ah.
  • Post in thread: Anyone has purchased these Wulills 200AH 24v LiFePo4 batteries ?

    If my Korean translation is correct, the battery pack he got is 180Ah. If you observe carefully, you will find that the seller replies "the real capacity is about 200Ah". Can I think so, 180Ah≈200Ah? I'm just posting my thoughts, nothing else.
  • Post in thread: CATL and EVE....together?

    Yes. You can do this. But only if you ensure a balance between them.
  • Post in thread: DIY LiFePO4 Cost Analysis - February 2022 Edition

    Thanks, this is a great thread. I looked at the replies to the thread and watched how it went from discussing DIY costs to discussing quality suppliers.? But it seems that this forum is tailor-made for Amy (Luyuan) and Docan. Well, it's their good reputation that makes them win. When I search...
  • Post in thread: Overcharged EVE 280aH cells to 4.1V

    This is kind of weird, is it possible that you have set up the BMS wrong?
  • Post in thread: Lifepo4 maximum temperature?

    The working temperature range of lifepo4 charging and discharging is -20℃ to 65℃. But in order to use it better, it is recommended to control the temperature between 20°C and 40°C.
  • Post in thread: DIY 304Ah EVE cells with Daly 250A BMS

    I guess it's because the shell is metal, maybe you can test if the metal has a weak voltage
  • Post in thread: What to look for in a deep cycle battery

    lifepo4 (LFP) is ideal for use in solar systems, and from a practical point of view, LFP can continuously discharge to a depth of discharge of 100% DOD better than any lead-acid battery. I don't know what makes you hate LFP so much, but you can't deny that LFP is a great invention. This is a...
  • Post in thread: Looking for REAL grade A 60ah LifePO4 prismatic cells

    When we needed to buy lifepo4 batteries, every supplier told us they were selling grade A cells, when we paid with hope and waited to receive the battery, only to find out that wasn't the case, even a reputable supplier can't guarantee Every battery sold is good. How to tell the difference...