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  • Does AirCon damage Inverters over time?

    Hello, I'm trying to decide if I should put a $300 soft start on my air conditioner even though it runs fine on my inverter. I just don't want to take off years of life from the inverter if there's a better way. Ironically, the AC costs much less than the soft start. The inverter was used on...
  • Leave inverter on or cycle as needed?

    600W of panels 30A MPPT SCC 24V 280Ah LifePO4 100A Overkill solar BMS 3kW inverter This is an off grid setup. The system is installed in a vehicle. The inverter periodically kicks on the fan as it gets hot, even without a load. It draws about 15W idle. I only need to use the system in the...
  • Is working with 60V+ for beginners?

    I've seen a lot of people asking about connecting panels in series, which results in 100's of Volts, and much current. I recall getting briefed that something like 60V is the threshold for safety, with a bunch of qualifiers of course. What are your thoughts on working with more than 60V DC? Is...