diy solar

diy solar


I have several YouTube videos posted. The channel is Bentley Jarrard.
DIY build of a wall mounted 120Ah 48V LFP battery. Nat Gas conversion on a Champion Generator. More recently, I have developed a couple of PCB control boards for the use of a Midnight Solar Remote Trip breaker in place of a golf cart contactor and also a low power usage latching contactor to replace a golf cart type contactor.
Riverside County, CA
Built high performance engines, Hi-Fi speakers and small electrical projects in High School. BS in Chemistry. 15 years as a Process Engineer & Technical Service Manager in the Industrial Chemical industry. Specifically Electroplating and PCB Manufacturing. 20 years in the Residential and Commercial General & Electrical Contracting business. Started in the trades and working up to Senior Project Manager.
Current or Future Solar Power System
2.8KW Grid-Tied (12panel) Solar City, 20 yr lease, DC string, connected to Fronius IG PLUS 3.0 feeding into main panel.
3.0KW Grid-Tied (11panel) Enphase MicroInverter system feeding into a subpanel via combiner box/EMI filter.
Schneider Conext XW+ 6848, AC Coupled with 2 x 48V batteries. 1 x 7.5 KWh YIYEN Brand and 1 x DIY 6.1KWh wall cabinet. This is a Whole House system that feeds directly into the main panel via a 60A 2 pole breaker.


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