diy solar

diy solar


March 29
Saltash, Cornwall
Have been living the full time van life since sept 2020, in my 3rd van now which is a converted luton with the above system which I did myself, I learned some from friends who have knowledge of 12v electrics and the rest from YouTube, I still have my second van that we use for holidaying as it’s easier to get around which also has 2 x 100w solar panels with 2x 110ah batteries which I installed myself
Current or Future Solar Power System
5 x 100 w eco-worthy solar panels
Photonic Universe 50A MPPT solar charge controller
Down to 1 agm 110ah 12v battery from 6 due to them failing when sent back for testing under warranty
2000/4000 w pure sine wave inverter (for charging laptops, vacuum cleaner, shaver, drill battery and to power a fan in the summer)
Connected to a fuse board: dual USB port (for charging phones, sometimes powering a mini fridge and again fan in the summer), 2 x led lights, whale 30 PSI water pump


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