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  • Mounting on a plain (Rosemary Tile) roof.

    I'm sure this must have been covered numerous times on the forum but my searching mojo isn't working, as it turned up nothing related with 'Plain tile' or 'Rosemary' I can find lots of videos showing fitting brackets to a plain clay tile roof (the tiles are often called 'Rosemary' in the UK)...
  • Brackets for a Feather edged close boarded roof.

    Suggestions for Panel Brackets on a Feather edged close boarded roof please. My West Sussex house (UK) has a 'closely boarded' roof using 'Feather Edge' boards I'm hoping to put 7 Panels on the sloping roof and another 6 on our flat roof. Hopefully my photo explains what 'closely boarded' roof...
  • Why are some roof hooks (Brackets) very wide with multiple screw holes

    Some Hooks (Brackets) have just two screw holes for attaching to rafters and some have a much wider base and can be offset. Why would you want to offset the bracket positions? (I am having to put the rails up the roof (vertical rather than the more common horizontal)