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    So you also missed post #16, from Signature Solar, in a thread you started about them. I suppose that's their fault too.
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    So.... you expected them to call you up and try again at placing the order? Really? Neither party to that dumpster fire of a failed transaction came out looking credible here. I can't imagine this thread will change anything. Plus, I haven't had time to restock my popcorn supply, and the...
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    Are you still trying to make this purchase? If not, then I think it's over. Sure, you are still pissed off, but you are not out any money. Might be time to move on.
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    If you think copper is expensive, try having an electrical fire.
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    I'm not surprised. We had a nightmare of a time with our installation this year. The company actually doing the work failed to have anyone show up more often than not. The very first thing that was to happen at the property, a site survey or something like that, ended up being a no-call no-show...
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    If any company cancelled a big order on me without an explanation, I'd figure I had dodged a bullet, and would take my money elsewhere. Last thing I would do is offer to bring them a bag of cash.
  • Post in thread: Does a 5/16 ring terminal or lug fit on an m8 stud?

    The difference is trivial. 8mm sockets are interchangeable with 5/16. There is usually more difference in production tolerances, so the sockets from one system of measurement might fit better on a nut or bolt from the other. Same with 19mm and 3/4. Other sizes often work too, but the difference...
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    Another fan here. I've ordered from them a couple of times. Top notch quality, very quick service, and good prices. Hard to beat a combination like that.
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    I guess we'd better not put it in storage, then.
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    As someone else noted, email provides a written record, which can be invaluable. It's still the standard means of communication for serious business like banking and real estate transactions. Ignore it at your peril.
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    Heh! Mel's Hole was one of Art's greatest hits. I'm sure it was well within the 98% of the show's content that was complete BS, but it was great fun. Art knew how to put on a show, that's for sure.
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    Don't know about a crimp lug, but you might find something like this that will work. A bit inelegant outside their intended use, but they work. I've used them on 2/0 and other large size wires on inverters. Most hardware stores have a few, and an electrical supply house should have a good selection.
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    Congratulations on running a top notch forum, Will. I've only recently discovered it, and have learned a ton already. The high standards and collegial atmosphere make it easy to hang around here. Regardless of what exactly happened with the order that's the subject of this thread, the...
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    SGP is on my Fool me once, shame on you list, along with Renogy. SGP sent me a defective inverter early last year. They were horrible to deal with. I sent it back and they kept screwing me around. I finally called the bank and got my card refunded. Jerks. That was also a lesson about youtubers...
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    Lithuanian iron is the best.
  • Post in thread: State of Colorado remote off grid system permitting - any advice?

    I'm over on the other side of the Sangres. I have a good friend who is off the grid. He had to deal with the state inspector for this area, but he was very helpful. I met the current guy, maybe the same one, and he's cool. He gave me some advice on some things I'm doing here. The reason he was...
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    I've read that a lot of Saudis like to keep their houses around 60 degrees inside, and wear sweaters to stay warm. Yeah, I've read a lot of things on the interwebs, but that was from an article on a reputable site. Anyway, 20 panels per house seems like a low number to me. We have 22 and no air...