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    This smoke is killing our solar yield

    Last year I was getting about 10% of rated output during fire season.
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    charging 48v battery with 24volt input

    The most simple way to do this is: - Buy a 24 volt, 2 kW inverter - Feed the inverter from the alternator (probably need a small 24 volt battery pack as well.) - Feed the 120 vac from this inverter into a 48 volt charger In spite of the slightly less than optimistic charge efficiency, this does...
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    MPPT sizing and solar panel suitability

    This is where the PWM vs MPPT controller discussion gets interesting: A PWM controller does not need such a high voltage to turn on, so it is more like: (15 volts) + ( 1 volts) = Vmp 16 volts needed to operate. The Vmp level is reached very early in the day and sustains until fairly late -...
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    MPPT sizing and solar panel suitability

    In order to be effective in tough lighting conditions, an MPPT controller really needs the panel Vmp to be: (highest battery charge voltage expected) + ( 5 volts for the controller to turn on reliably) + (at least 5 volts to make MPPT usefully better than PWM) + (5 volts to deal with the lower...
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    MPPT sizing and solar panel suitability

    I help people put solar panels on conversion vans. The single large panel vs several modest size ones is a routine discussion on the forums. A good test is to take a piece of 3/4 ply wood the size of the panel that you have in mind and see if you can physically put it on top of the van without...
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    Growatt inverter shuts off after 20 min when connected to PV

    I will look through the manual tonight. In general, good quality AGM batteries can deal with the heat better than Li. A BMS is only required in Li type batteries due to their nature. A BMS is really never needed in AGM. Try to get at least 4 each batteries. Ideally something like size 31s...
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    Request: Review of Proposed 28KWh / 3KW Solar / 24V/5KW inverter RV system

    Interestingly, there is a similar thread related to using 24 volts and how to deal with leveling:
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    Constant 8 watt draw on Yeti 3000x, is this bad?

    Yes that is the weak link of the GZ Yeti setups - the charge rates are really far too low and they don't trigger input power to match the output power real time. The smallest system that I build is a 1 kW inverter on the output and 600 watts each of solar and grid charging built in. GZ has...
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    Constant 8 watt draw on Yeti 3000x, is this bad?

    I am not clear on why you need both units. The GZ package is essentially a (battery pack) + (solar) + (120 vac charger) / UPS all by itself. Just run the power through it all of the time. I build what are essentially ruggedized versions of the same thing. There is always some standby power...
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    2 Hours on the phone with Renogy tech-support! Why would anyone recommend products from this company?

    First - I am not a renogy supporter but it is useful to look at the big picture. Probably people won't like anything I say on this subject. If you purchased something from Renogy, you did not spend a lot of money. You purchased a super discount brand product with limited support with a...
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    Growatt inverter shuts off after 20 min when connected to PV

    Yes on how to connect the batteries in 2 series like you have, and then another similar pack in parallel. It is rather difficult to do this on the road because ideally all 4 batteries are charged to the same level to match them prior to connecting them up. If you had the controller it self...
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    Growatt inverter shuts off after 20 min when connected to PV

    Hi - might be pushing those components a bit hard. 2 awg wire ampacity is ~ 100 amps, not 200 amps Those batteries are rated for ~ 150 amps max, so you are calling for them to deliver pretty much at max. 4 might be closer to the real need. Do you have the external BMS controller + external...
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    Desperately seeking Suzanne... but will accept guidance on installation

    I would like to suggest that you add some panels that face the sun at 6 pm, in spite of the non standard nature of it. It is common for homes to be using a lot of power late in the afternoon / early evening and ideally you will want your battery pack as full as possible to run all night. In...
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    Running Class A RV Leveling Jacks With A 24v Solar Battery Bank

    Everything in life is a trade off. This can be mostly solved by using a healthy 120 vac to 12 volt charger and letting it run a few minutes prior t o starting. A relay can be added to power the charger when needed. A charger is current limited so a much more reliable approach than connecting...
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    12V or 24V for a 2000W inverter with induction cooktop

    The power factor aspect depends on the grid supplier. In CA, the original meters did not measure PF, but with the smart meters they do and we are charged more for it even in a residence. Some inverters are better at dealing with this PF aspect - some really struggle.