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  • Simple wiring diagram for work/camper van

    Can you please check my wiring diagram? I am using this van mostly for work however during summer I do occasional fishing trip. My usage is modest. I have tried Ecoflow Delta (1kwh) this summer and with my 355W solar panel never dropped below 65% and by 11am I was back to 100%, therefore I...
  • CATL 302 damaged

    Hi I have just received CATL 302ah Grade B cell from 18650batterystore and it looks like one of the cell is bended inward and one is slightly scratched. Do you guys think it is safe to use? Thank you.
  • KILOVAULT 2400 HLX+ 2400WH 200 AH 12V

    I am looking for feedback on KiloVault batterie especially quality build and tech support. It will be use in my camper. Thanks
  • JBD discharge push button ON/OFF switch

    Hi I got JBD bms that has the option to install discharge disable switch. Do you guys know where to get one? So far I found only one for JK bms. It should look like this. Thank you
  • Getting right MPPT for my solar

    I am running into issue properly sizing my MPPT for my solar panel.....I have one LG355N1C -V5 on my van and victron site is stating MPPT 100/30 however is stating 100/50. Not sure what to choose? Also what would be proper size disconnect/isolator for my panel. Thank you!
  • Help with new battery build

    I am putting together battery with four CATL 302Ah Grade B cells and Muller Energy BMS (JBD 12v 250A BMS with 5A active balancer). This battery will be used for my camper, only for few DC loads ( lights, fridge, water pump, Webasto heater, Max Air fan and charging outlets) I have been told by...
  • Victron Phoenix Inverter 12V 1200VA 120v with induction cook top

    Hi, I am thinking about getting Victron Phoenix Inverter 12V 1200VA 120v for my small camper to provide power for single burner induction cook top and occasionally charging power tools batteries. Do you guys think I can get away with 1200w or should I get 2000w. My components are all Victron...