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  • Barium Optional Expansion Board (series 3) details

    Does anyone know if the voltages are adjustable on the ssr in the batrium expansion board? I am looking to control a contactor with the ssr and would prefer a 24vdc coil model... Optional Expansion Board (series 3) details batrium 3 x Mechanical 30Vdc 5A relay outputs 3 x Solid state relay...
  • PRICE DROP- california For sale LF280K 280Ah new grade A cells 48 total $94 each

    I have 48 LF280K 280Ah LiFePO4 cells for sale I belive I bought them in Oct of 2021 and January of 2022. unused in original boxes stored in my work shop selling in qtys of 4 for $375 firm cash in person sale only. 32 from Amy 16 from dasie from Docan I have test reports, they come with bus bars...
  • electronically switching 50 amps 220v from 24vdc

    I have a separate sub panel that I am planning on wiring a few dump loads to and powering it when the solar batteries are fully charged. Was wondering if anyone had some advice on what should be used for the switching relay. abb breaker? contactor? open to ideas
  • charging 48v battery with 24volt input

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if it was possible to charge a 48v battery bank with a 24v dc generator. ( its from my old 24v system hoping to repurpose for 48v) Of course I could use a step up transformer but having trouble finding one that can handle 80 amps dc @ 24v thats cost appropriate...
  • California- Batrium watch mon core, k9's , shunt and expansion board for sale New never used!

    I have for sale a complete batrium set up brand new never used. never installed . Batrium cell mate k9's qty 3 $250 apiece Watch mon core qty 1 $250 expansion board qty 1 $110 Batrium shunt 500a qty 1 $160 All brand new never used
  • cell matching opinions

    can I get a opinion if these cells are matched properly, a mix up with shipping has sent me two cells that were not matched with the rest. cells #21 and 23 are the the two that got swapped
  • Retrofitting a Ev charger for lifepo4 battery bank offgrid home

    Has anyone tried to use a ev charger to charge a lifepo4 battery bank from generator? Is this doable?
  • FOR SALE - Outback Flexmax 100 charge controller fm100-300 NEW!

    Outback fm100-300 charge controler Ser# fm1841f0100155 Brand new never used still in original box Decided to go a different route, i would consider trading for two fm80 charge controllers in new condition Located in foothills, central california Cash only $1200.00 obo
  • Attention all Growatt SPF 3000 users

    Hello all Growatt users, I would like to get some feed back on the longevity of these types of growatt inverters. As any of these cheaper Chinese type of electronics they seem to be a good deal, but do they hold up? Please post your experience How long it has been in service? How much use-...
  • Soc when bulk finished Ve configure victron setting

    Hi yall, When using the victron ve configure it has a setting for "soc bulk finished percentage" default value was set at 95% I felt that was way to high. any advice appreciated. *280 amp eve 12v battery