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  • DC to DC input for solar generator - is it possible

    Hi, brand new to electric projects. I just got the Anker 767 and want to hook up to my car alternator. There are only 2 inputs on the generator - 110v and a xt60 cables for solar. Can I get a dc to dc controller and put the xt60 cables on them? The anker xt60 input accepts maximum 1000w...
  • Used Solar Panels 100 for Anker 767, please help

    Can you please check my calculations to see if 6 used TopSolar flexible 100 watt panels will work with the Anker 767? According to Anker: "Any 11-60V solar panel with an XT-60 female connector can charge the 767 Power Station; If you use an 11-32V solar panel, the current supports 10A max. When...