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  • Growatt 3000 LVM and four panels off grid

    Hello everyone, I want to check my numbers and wiring size please. This is an off-grid build. I have four PV panels - 365 Watts VOC 40.8 V Isc 11.33A Vmax 34.00 V Imax 10.74A 2S 2P = 81.6 V and 22.66 amps I could run 8 AWG and put a 60 amp fuse, right? I should run 6 AWG and put a 80 amp...
  • Growatt SPF 3000TL 24v spiking output voltage killing batteries

    I’ve been running this for almost a year now. This November is started surging and killing batteries at night. It seems like the inverter is restarting and drawing a surge and using batteries. I have it set to use solar then battery and then cutover to grid. Only charge batteries on solar...
  • 2S2P vs 2P2S panels?

    There is no real difference here right? It will be easier to wire my panels 2P2S than 2S2P. So I’m planning to do 2P2S. Or is it a problem for the diodes In the panels? Thanks Nick
  • 2000 Watt, 24v Off-Grid Solar Power

    I am looking to build something like the I don't have a need for a 24 to 12 volt appliances. I plan to build this for off-grid, in case power goes down and to use it occasionally for fair weather outside use. Are my numbers...
  • m12v155ft battery settings - spec sheet

    I am trying to figure out these batteries specs and how to set my Growatt 3000LVM at 24 volts. Using two batteries in series on my DIY solar. Hello everyone, I found these are sealed AGMs, 6 cell. low float charge = 2.25 vpc high float charge = 2.3 vpc low equalize charge = 2.35 vpc high...