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    Proof! 310AH and 320AH Cells being sold on Alibaba, AliExpress, Amazon and Ebay are not what they say.

    You and a few others on here like to victim blame don’t you? Nobody but Will and you guys could possibly have enough intelligence to test cells and manufacture their own batteries.
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    Proof! 310AH and 320AH Cells being sold on Alibaba, AliExpress, Amazon and Ebay are not what they say.

    You can add Sanben on AliExpress. Selling 320’s that all 16 tested between 304-314 aH and swollen 2-4 mm.
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    Terminal materials

    A DC power supply, muriatic acid from Lowe’s, tin nuggets from Amazon. Instructions online. Done.
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    How to charge a 48V Battery Bank (for Solar efficiency) with an alternator???

    I have 1000W PV, MS 250 SCC, Magnum 4024 Inverter, 24V (28V) 50A aircraft alternator, 9000Btu Mini Split HP on my Std Chevy Express Van. Just stop by your local airport. Plenty of “Ford” or “Delco Remy” alternators with burnt up stators. Pilots love draining the battery while trying to start the...
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    Chargery 16T decalibrated?

    If you’ve verified with two meters, then I believe you. I use about 15 different calibrated and uncalibrated meters daily. I’ve never seen that much variation (0.313V). Ensure ALL connections are good. Contact the manufacturer. They will take care of you.
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    About to get ripped off by a AliExpress

    If you buy from two sellers on Alibaba, you will have very few problems. Amy at Shenzhen Luyuan or Hayley at Dongguan Lightning. Otherwise good luck on AliExpress, where scheisters sell their grade B and G (for garbage) cells.
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    Plug in soft starts

    From my experience a 5 ton a/c or hp with a standard PSC compressor needs 6 ga wiring from panel to reduce voltage drop during running and help start the compressor faster during inrush which is around 110-130 Amps. The soft starts work great on start up to reduce the dimming of lights...
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    Plug in soft starts

    50A breaker is fine, but I would recommend 6 ga all the way from your panel to the contactor at least. Use that 8 ga on something else. Then inspect terminals and wires from contactor to compressor. Replace with larger wire size and better quality terminals if you notice any signs of...
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    Plug in soft starts

    I’ve used both of them. They both work the same and do well. I also use a Copeland version. But those two that you noted or just fine I would get whichever one I could get. My last ones took 6-8 weeks. And you can always get your local HVAC guy like me to install it for you. Testing inrush amps...
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    Plug in soft starts

    That’s okay. We all have a solar addiction, but most of us are not professionals at that. We can all help each other from our many backgrounds and that’s what I try to do. Anything HVAC or flying related I can help with. Solar...I’m just in the “testing and learning stage with my 1.6 kw 12V pv...
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    Plug in soft starts

    Then they will need to use a 120V soft start hard wired in. It’s for the compressor. A plug n play device won’t work because the electronics/controls/dc brushless fan motors, etc won’t like being soft started.
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    Plug in soft starts

    If you want a soft starter on high starting load equipment like air compressors, heat pumps, window bangers, RV air conditioners...they need hard wired in. I recommend MicroAir from HutchMountain. That cheap device mentioned above on eBay is not a true soft starter. That’s why it’s half the...
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    It’s typical packaging/labeling/instructions from 12000 miles away. The label on those two lights that I received from Amazon had the block marked “100-240V”. The outside of box said “12-60V”. The poor instructions said “12V”. No AC or DC mentioned, but I checked with seller and they said that...
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    Plug in soft starts

    For my Soft Starts, I use HutchMountain.Com Order early, like most things, they are in high demand with slow supply chain. Scroll to bottom of products page. I do HVAC for a living.
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    Lighting? Then under the Amazon search bar...type “48vdc cooling fan”. Lots of choices. One by “Coolerguys” has a PWM temperature controller. 12V input.