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  • JK BMS CAN bus comms now possible for inverters that support Goodwe and Pylontech batteries

    After much searching I found the JK BMS, with it's 2A built-in active balancer it was just what I was looking for. I wanted to connect my JK-BMS to my inverter like a commercial battery to ensure the inverter knows what the battery is up to in terms of Charging, Discharging, Alarms etc. If you...
  • JBD/Overkill BMS CAN bus comms support for inverters

    Hi, Updade: Support now available for JBD/Overkill BMS CAN bus comms for inverters similar to my JK-BMS CAN bus project. This would also facilitate integration with Home Assistant and control of the battery/inverter remotely see my JK-BMS CAN comms for example: My Hardware interface now...
  • ZJBeny DC breaker load side

    Hi, So I'm using a ZJBeny 125A DC circuit breaking between my 16* 280Ah, 51.2V Battery and Inverter. Just trying to work out if the ZJBeny circuit breaker has a dedicated side that the load must be connected. It doesn't have a...