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YouLoveSolar Wire Size Calculator (highly customizable) v2024.02.19.01

  • Added NEC 250-500 kcmil wires
  • Added Aluminum material
  • Added periods to version numbering
Improved comments for when running multiple wires in parallel
Readability improvements "under the hood"
Improved UI
Added feature to run multiple wires in parallel
Made conductor resistivity dependent on the wire insulation temperature rating.
Resistivity increases with temperature. The used conductor resistivity was optimistically low (corresponding to 20degC). To be more conservative, the resistivity is now chosen higher, corresponding to 75degC, roughly conform NEC chapter 9, tables 8 and 9. So for a given max allowable voltage drop, the required wire will be larger.
Opening the sheet in Google drive corrupted it.

Other minor updates:
  • changed default values to more common values