BLUEPOWER IP6048 - what is "AC output coupling"


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Dec 5, 2022
Here is a fragment from the manual. I have a couple of guesses about this, but can't connect power sources together based on a hunch :).
Does anyone understand, better yet use this?
Thank you
I have OCE checked but have not tried it yet. Maybe this weekend.

By default your AC output is one way, out to loads. If you are AC coupling you need your AC out to accept power back in.
Grid was down due to storm and the batteries at 7% so I was changing every imaginable menu.
In the end I hooked up the generator to AC input.
That worked. It is unacceptable as a regular practice but addressed the emergency need.

You have to be really really sure you have grid disconnected. And I do have a lockable safety switch. But still don't like it.
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As far as I can tell, there are only 3 ways to charge the batteries.
From direct DC solar
AC input

So I am going to connect a circuit from the main panel to the generator input.