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diy solar

Enclosures for automation devices (raspberry pi, hall effect current sensors, SCRs).


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Apr 5, 2024
Has anyone got a solution for how to build a neat looking system that includes let's say a raspberry pi (or equivalent small computer), 8 or so ADC channels for measuring DC voltages/currents with hall effect sensors, some outputs to drive SCRs and relays etc and make it enclosed to be wall mounted?

Here in the EU we use mostly Din rail boxes for electric stuff and I can buy relays, transfer switches, indicators etc, but certain things will not fit. Such as the raspberry pi, ADC board, some board to drive SCRs and relays. Rs-485 interfaces. (well din enclosures for rpi exist, but it doesn't fit all the accessories

I'm looking for inspiration how to build/buy enclosure(s) for this stuff. If anyone knows links to share that would be great. I'm definitely not looking forward to designing and 3d printing custom enclosures for everything, but how else do you mount hall effect sensors on awg4/0 wire without pcbs flapping in the wind? So most likely I'll end up with a metal box with the rpi and gazillion signal wires going everywhere.

The system is to be mounted in a recess in a wall. About 75x200cm (3x6ft). There are going to be 2 inverters, 4 thick battery wires, 2 DIY chargeverter PSUs, an electric box and the controller (no idea in what kind of case).
You can buyDIN rail cases for the RPi and there are many others that are STL files you can edit and create your own case if you have a special need. If you don't have a 3d printer you can farm that part out, but it would be a pain to wait on a case to find out something just needs a nip or tuck.

Thingiverse has a bunch of samples others have done already. Some simple PCB mounts.

Just anything that gets hot or carries a lot of juice should be in ABS or PC so might need to be farmed out.