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Mixing 200w solar panels on rv roof


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Feb 27, 2023
I have one RICH 200watt panel. Vmp 20.4v, Imp 9.80a, Voc 24.3v, Isc 10.2a. Installed at the factory on my new rv.

I have one Newpowa 200watt panel. Vmp18.6v, Imp 10.76a, Voc 21.8v, I sc 11.47a. That I have not being used.

My question is on a 12volt rv system can I safely mix these two panels and would it be better to wire in series or parallel? I have currently two 12 volt deep cycle batteries that came with the rv previous factory wired to a 30amp charge controller and to the existing Rich 200watt panel already on the rv roof from the factory.
Since they ate pretty close in specs, you could go series, given that your SCC is an MPPT and can handle up to 50v (or more, but not less).
If not, you could go parallel.