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    Why don't gas stations have backup generators?

    I carry a small hand syphon pump and tube in my trunk. The way it's designed, it should have almost infinite (figuratively) lift, as long as I keep my thumb over the hole. Being able to pull gas out of a another (or underground) fuel tank may come in handy one day.
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    Lishen 270ah-272ah cell group buy.

    I would go back and read the rest of this thread before placing an order.
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    Proof! 310AH and 320AH Cells being sold on Alibaba, AliExpress, Amazon and Ebay are not what they say.

    It would appear that way, yes. Edit: If you thought my comment was a personal attack on you (or anyone specifically), it definitely was not.
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    Proof! 310AH and 320AH Cells being sold on Alibaba, AliExpress, Amazon and Ebay are not what they say.

    You (everyone) also have to take in to account that people are stupid, and blame sellers for their mistakes all the time. "Woah is me, I got 10k worth of swollen cells, what a bad vendor, blah blah blah..." Meanwhile I can see a power supply set at 8 volts during a top balance in your photo...
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    Coffee Maker

    Cowboy coffee! Pot of cold water, add grounds, heat until grounds sink to the bottom of the pot, remove from heat and stir, let sit for 1 minute, pour off top of pot that doesn't have grounds into a cup, enjoy. When I feel fancy, I use a reusable coffee filter and pour the coffee out of the...
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    A little advice about Amazon returns and how to cover yourself

    There is a scam run in the exact same way. That's why Amazon said they would "trust you". The general idea is that you buy something, get a return label, Photoshop a different address (located very physically close to an Amazon return center, like a McDonald's up the street), but keep the same...
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    Any good Netflix shows?

    If it's still on there "The Heavy Water War" was hands down the best show I've ever seen. It's about the Nazis trying to get Deuterium.
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    if a 48V battery can be lethal, how about a 40V panel?

    People are also tazed with 10-100k volts shoved into two metal rods imbedded in their chest. Most of the time they come out fine. Dog shock collars can easily be over 1000v as well. I've hit 240v AC with sweaty salt-water covered hands more times than I can count and, other than being a little...
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    Where can I get QUALITY tinned copper buss bars to join cells?

    You should be able to get aluminum bar at pretty much all metal supply shops. I would try AMD Supply LLC and Tri-County Aluminum first.
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    Why are 24 volts LiFePO4 batteries a lot more expensive than buying two units of 12 volts version of the same battery brand for same AmpHour capacity?

    I would think that 24 volt batteries would be less expensive than 12 volt ones. It's one case, one set of terminals, one BMS, one set of insulation, one set of wiring & fusing, etc, etc... Also, generally speaking, a higher voltage battery would need a smaller BMS for the same performance as a...
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    Global warming is real, why only in USA is there denial ?

    Building 7 is a ridiculously touchy topic, and I've had posts deleted here (and accounts banned on Reddit) for even daring to suggest that it could have been anything other than a fire. I could tell everyone that the earth is flat and that lizard people run the government all day long, but...
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    [SOLVED] What size AC breaker, 7A or 10A?

    I have one of those too. I bought it because I thought the display looked really slick, and it most definitely does. The only problem with mine is that it's incredibly inaccurate at lower amperages and is consistently about 5-8% off at higher ones, but that can be corrected for in my head...
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    [SOLVED] What size AC breaker, 7A or 10A?

    Can you program your BMS? I have a JBD and can set the over current protection value manually. I would rather have the FETS do most of the work over a relay, they cause fewer issues when "hot" switching loads.
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    Some simple, money saving advice, from someone who is finishing up their DIY system.

    You should pitch ElectricianU on YouTube to do some solar videos. He's a licensed master electrician, and I'm sure he would be able to show the full installation done properly.
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    Some simple, money saving advice, from someone who is finishing up their DIY system.

    I thought this site got something like 9 million page views a month. I think most of the users probably aren't registered. If you search carefully there's not a lot of questions that haven't been answered, which doesn't leave the need for registration. I would imagine the site pushes a ton of...