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  • Post in thread: Isn't a 3000W inverter on 12V really pushing it as far as current?

    Because the market demand for 12V inverters is higher than that for 24V inverters
  • Post in thread: Question about power discharging too quickly

    I agree with Michaelk, you'd better add another 100Ah battery at least.And charger your battery to 14.5-15V , and use the shortest cable between inverter and battery,in order to save the battery voltage lost on the cables.
  • Post in thread: Is 600W pure sine wave inverter enough for the mini refrigerator?

    I plan to order a Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter to run a mini refrigerator in our van (Avanti mini fridge, 20 years old) The fridge requires 698 watts starting power, then uses 188W for 1 minute, then 160w running power. We have 2 Robinson 65 series batteries, 650 amps each, starting power...
  • Post in thread: PSA report: I'm Steering Clear of Giandel

    Good idea, it is easy to replace a cooling fan
  • Post in thread: Set up a small system for a local guy... He seems to think the battery is draining too quickly

    100Ah battery can not run full 3000W inverter , and once he plugs in a high power appliance,such as fridge, microwave oven,etc, his battery will fall down very fast..So please suggest him to add more pcs battery.
  • Post in thread: Using two aims remotehf remote switches via rj9 splitter?

    We have tried it on VOLTWORKS inverter,and it is successful to add another remote controller.We guess it's the same principle, so you can try it on your AIMS power inverter
  • Post in thread: Which brand 2000W pure sine wave inverter is better for microwave oven?

    which brand microwave you are using? I saw different brand microwave with different actual start power,even if their rated power is same 1000W. VOLTWORKS 2000w pure sine wave inverter is in DEAL now,I have much interesting on this one.
  • Post in thread: What is the DC input Post size on 24V Giandle 3K inverters

    The cable goes to inverter should be Ф6.5㎜,hope the below photo can help you to understand more.
  • Post in thread: LiFePo4 12v 100ah x2 in parallel fuse size?

  • Post in thread: In need of help!

    In general, users who purchase a 4000W inverter are looking to start high-power appliances such as electric saws, motors, etc. Therefore, the seller will suggest that you choose to equip them with a 400AH battery or bigger. But if you only run lights or TV by the 4000w inverter, two 50AH...
  • Post in thread: Inverter in RV Electrical System

    I guess he said 700W microwave actual starting power is not 700W ,but 2 times higher,so 1500W inverter is good for you, and 2000W inverter is better for you
  • Post in thread: Which brand 2000W pure sine wave inverter is better for microwave oven?

    Samlex 2000W pure sine wave inverter is more than USD900 on amazon,too expensive for me. VOLTWORKS 2000W pure sine wave inverter only 30%, suitable for my requirements.And one my RV friend has owned this same VOLTWORKS inverter more than 2 years,works well.
  • Post in thread: Hello from Washington State. Looking for inverter recommendations(from Amazon).

    GIANDEL has 24V 2000,3000w,4000W pure sine wave inverter on amazon, all of their reviews are very good.
  • Post in thread: Inverter Grounding

    1.Do I have to ground the inverter? Yes, ground the inverter will be more safe 2. Is the inverter's output and input ground terminals fused/interconnected together? Yes,they are always connected together I have got a ground guide from VOLTWORKS inverter amazon store,the attached for your...
  • Post in thread: Yet another inverter question

    Usually,small inverter no load current is smaller than bigger inverter,for example,1000W pure sine wave inverter noload current is about 0.5A, but 2000W pure sine wave inverter no load current is about 1.5-2.5A.So if your appliance is small, you can change another 1000W pure sine wave inverter
  • Post in thread: fuse repair

    Pull out the fuse with pliers. Look at the picture. if the bridge in the fuse is broken,means the fuse burn,then please replace them with same size,and try again. Do not take PCB out from the inverter,because it is hard to install PCB well again
  • Post in thread: fuse repair

    In general, the fuse holder is soldered to the circuit board, and then the fuse is inserted on the holder. When we change the fuse, we only need to pull out the fuse without taking out the holder
  • Post in thread: Is 600W pure sine wave inverter enough for the mini refrigerator?

    It is said that the materials have increased a lot in the past two years, and the sea freight has also increased a lot. The prices of many commodities in our nearby supermarkets have increased. So I'm looking forward to the inverter promotion next week.
  • Post in thread: Hi floating system voltage when BMS disconnects battery - what to do?

    JHovel ,I understand what trouble you are meeting. When the battery full charge to 14.4V, your battery goes to protection automatically and does output any DC .We suggest you to set your charger controller less than 14V , Do not trigger the battery protection system. Will you use a DC fridge?
  • Post in thread: Float LiFePO4 or not??

    The better stop floating charge, or plug a high power electrical device to your inverter,such as fridge.Because its draw current is faster than the floating charger , the battery will not go to protection
  • Post in thread: Automatic Transfer Switches

    For the 2000W inverter system, you can add a 20A-25A transfer switch. Maybe you can install a 2000W pure sine wave inverter with 20A transfer,such as AIMS Power PWRIX200012SUL 2000 Watt Pure Sine Inverter with Transfer Switch 12 VDC to 120 VAC ETL Listed
  • Post in thread: Renogy 1000W Inverter Serial Port?

    have interesting to know which data you got from the port
  • Post in thread: Which brand 2000W pure sine wave inverter is better for microwave oven?

    I'm going to buy a 2000W pure sine wave inverter in Amazon, mainly for microwave oven, and refrigerator, not using them together. I read the reviews on amazon these days. Some said yes, some said no. Any one can tell me which brand you bought. I paid attention to Aims power, Giandel, Voltworks...
  • Post in thread: T-Fuse and Battery cut off switch warm/hot

    Obviously, when you use high-power appliance,such as your said 14500btu Furrion AC,the cables will be hot,because the current is high. When you use low-power appliances, the cables will not heat up. If you are worried, I suggest you change a pair of thicker cables
  • Post in thread: Inverter powers off (input overvoltage) BMS guilty or....?

    There is a BMS in Lifepo4 battery, for your 24V battery, once its voltage is more than 28V, the battery will be in protection and stop dc output, then the inverter will be in high voltage protection, now please disconnect your battery from charger or solar panel,the inverter will work...
  • Post in thread: looking for a quiet or no fan inverter for 24 or 48v. any recommendations?

    My brother has a 24V GIANDEL 3000W pure sine wave inverter,and its fans are similar to your Microsolar inverter ,only works when really need them ,you can get more details on amazon.
  • Post in thread: Pure sine inverter

    Pure sine wave inverter is very useful for me, I use my printer with it on car.My inverter is VOLTWORKS 2000W Pure sine inverter. Maybe you can tell us why you need a inverter,or which appliance will run by the inverter?
  • Post in thread: Giandel inverter question

    The better contact with GIANDEL service for technical support.
  • Post in thread: Inverter Grounding

    Sorry,I forgot to attached grounding file,hope you have solve your trouble. See attachment again
  • Post in thread: Using two aims remotehf remote switches via rj9 splitter?

    VOLTWORKS inverter remote said RJ10, similar size to yours.
  • Post in thread: Which brand 2000W pure sine wave inverter is better for microwave oven?

    VOLTWORKS inverter servicer Grace suggests me : microwave oven less than 700W, choose 1500W pure sine wave inverter microwave oven between 700-900W, choose 2000W pure sine wave inverter microwave oven more than 900W, choose 2500W pure sine wave inverter And battery should be fully charged ,and...
  • Post in thread: Good affordable 2000w pure sine wave inverter THAT DOESN'T BEEP?

    I have got a suggestion from VOLTWORKS inverter, for your reference only. Remove the bottom plate of the inverter and do not take out PCB, because it is difficult to install the PCB well by ourselves.We will see a black buzzer on the PCB, the alarm is caused by this buzzer. You find a piece of...
  • Post in thread: MSW inverter & induction cooktop?

    If so ,you can choose a 3000W modified sine wave inverter
  • Post in thread: Battery needed for 1200 watt inverter

    Most of 1000W inverter is truly provide 1000 watts continuous,but the better tell us your electrical appliance name,for example, fridge is only 200W, but its start power is more than 1000W ,because it has a comressor inside. The battery size is based on your electrical power and working...
  • Post in thread: Acceptable voltage drop for inverter?

    you can use a meter to test,how much voltage on the battery terminal,and how much voltage on the inverter input terminal,then you will find the voltage drop
  • Post in thread: Good affordable 2000w pure sine wave inverter THAT DOESN'T BEEP?

    You can also cut a resistance, there will be ZERO alarm. but depending on the model, you have to contact the manufacturer for more details.
  • Post in thread: What does VDC rating mean in an inverter?

    Nominal DC Input Voltage 48V Max. PV Open Circuit Voltage: 450Vdc I see some data on MODEL-SPF 5000 ES
  • Post in thread: VERY small off grid solar system do I need to use a breaker/fuse?

    Your 8 lights is dc 12V input ?or ac 110V input,I have not seen an inverter in your system
  • Post in thread: LiFePO4 battery shut off 14.6V

    Thanks for all of your help,I will try to make some changes on the set in the following days.
  • Post in thread: Can an inverter be damaged by a BMS shutdown?

    BMS does not damage inverter,because the inverter has low voltage and high voltage protection When the BMS working, the battery will stop output,and inverter will stop working ,now you'd better disconnect the charger from the solar panel,and when battery voltage back to normal,then you can use...
  • Post in thread: Is it possible- Hard wired inverter?

    water pump start power usually is higher than its rated power,the better choose a 2000W pure sine wave inverter, and 2000W inverter usually has a AC terminal block for your connection,such as VOLTWORKS 2000w pure sine wave ,or GIANDEL 2000W,etc.
  • Post in thread: Solar advice for a chicken and pig pen

    one/two 200 Wyatt heaters , I think 1000W pure sine wave inverter is enough, cost is about USD150
  • Post in thread: 12v 3000 watt keeps shutting off on big loads

    Please add battery to 300Ah at least,
  • Post in thread: Battery Cable size

    For the 300A current, 1 awg within 3ft 3/0 awg within 6ft 4/0 awg if you need 10ft.
  • Post in thread: LiFePo4 12v 100ah x2 in parallel fuse size?

    If you are asking the fuse between battery and inverter,for your 1000W inverter,its max current is 100A,so I suggest you to install a 100A fuse between inverter and battery, and install the fuse in the middle of positive cable ( red one).
  • Post in thread: Using two aims remotehf remote switches via rj9 splitter?

    You can spend a few dollars to buy this kind of splitter, and plug your current remote control into two interfaces respectively. If you can control the inverter, it shows that it is feasible. If you can't control the inverter, throw away the splitter and only lose a few dollars.
  • Post in thread: LiFePO4 battery shut off 14.6V

    I have a 1500W pure sine wave inverter,which run by the lithium batteries.It can run my fridge very well,only trouble with TV, it usually shut off about 15 minutes. I can turn it off and back on then it is fine for a little while. This seems to only happen when my batteries are at full charge...
  • Post in thread: LiFePO4 battery shut off 14.6V

    The battery is hooked to a charge controller which connects to my solar panels. When the battery is fully charged the charge controller limits the amount of power that is fed to the batteries. The charge controller monitors the amount of power in the batteries, it stops charging the batteries...
  • Post in thread: Which inverters at are transformer inverters?

    In your refereed website,all of them are high frequency inverters,and use small transformers.
  • Post in thread: LiFePO4 battery shut off 14.6V

    I think the connections are well,because My fridge works well by this inverter,only when I watch TV, the inverter shut off and restart some minutes later.I talk with the inverter supplier,they suggest me to stop charge when I watch TV, or change another lead acid battery.But my lithium battery...

diy solar

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