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  • Post in thread: Will Prowse violating the terms of his YouTube agreement

    OMG, and they posted all their personal info on a public forum none the less. Sorry this happened, and I don't mean to add insult to injury, but you need to be more cautious than this.
  • Post in thread: That Will Prowse Guy

    He could have played the victim, and gone nowhere like sooooo many others. He took total responsibility for his own life, and destiny. ?
  • Post in thread: EG4 3000 EHV-48 fire. Been running a 12 panel system with 2 EG4-lifepower batteries and the EG4 3000 EHV-48. Added the battery rack and 3rd battery

    Sounds like the inverter shorted the battery side. You have fuses on each battery, but I would say you needed to fuse the battery input of the inverter. That's why the wires burst into flames.
  • Post in thread: My Signature Solar Experience (not good)

    I honestly would be more PO'ed about the cracked solar panels. The other issues you had seems like they were taking care of you to the best of their ability given shortages of everything. Back to the cracked solar panels, I assume you bought "used panels", and not "used, and maybe crack panels"...
  • Post in thread: Signature Solar wins... I lose.

    I've been watching these Signature Solar experience threads. Here's my take. If I own a business, I ship you something, you receive it damaged, you're getting another one at your door ASAP. That would be my policy. I would jump hurdles to make sure these unsatisfied customer threads are not...
  • Post in thread: Signature Solar wins... I lose.

    I did read all the explanations. Just my opinion of course: It's all cost of doing business. Either your cost is unhappy customers voicing their grievances on a public forum, or the cost of beefing up shipping so the replacement panel gets to the customer. Which one cost you the most in the...
  • Post in thread: Victron VenusOS driver for Bluetooth BMS

    I created a Bluetooth version of @Louisvdw serial driver It's still very early work-in-progress. It only supports JBD BMS at the moment. Code is here: Instructions on how to get it going is in the If you need to setup a Raspberry Pi...
  • Post in thread: Why not to use Daly BMS with MPPT controllers

    Ok guys, I came up with a solution.
  • Post in thread: Insulation under panels?

    So I saw your other thread. You tested your panels on the ground propped up on a bucket, and they produced 160w. Now they are on your roof and you're getting 90w. OK so it's very possible you had better control of the proper angle, and direction of the panels when testing on the ground. You...
  • Post in thread: Anyone had lightning strike your array and get saved by over current protection?

    I've wondered the same. I feel a direct strike, nothing will save you. Most of the time it's nearby strikes that take things out. These near strikes are more manageable, and the surge protectors like the midnight SPD would probably stand a chance I suppose.
  • Post in thread: WARNING JBD password false sense of security PSA

    Just wanted to give you guys a heads up. If you have a JBD BMS, and have a passcode set because you're concerned someone might connect to your battery, and change settings. This is a total false sense of security, as the BMS responds to a clearpass command, and when received fully removes the...
  • Post in thread: What are Low Frequency Toroidal Inverters?

    The basics of HF vs LF inverters: In a HF inverter the DC voltage is first boosted with DC/DC boost converter (48vdc to 110vdc, well really more like 170vdc because the H-bridge needs headroom to account for load voltage drop, etc) before being inverted. In a LF inverter the DC voltage is...
  • Post in thread: Prismatic versus pouch cells?

    I've done teardowns of these if you guy's are interested The Redodo as well: Seems the case, and fixture are purpose built to keep the cells safe
  • Post in thread: Got Busted by Electrical Power Police..Now Need help with Permits

    If you have appliances that come on by timer (think pool pump), or contactor (think AC Condenser unit) Wire your grid tie inverters in behind the contactor where your AC Compressor is tied. That way you only grid tie when the compressor is on, and you're guaranteed the AC Compressor, and...
  • Post in thread: Overvoltage protection via BMS

    Would be handy to have a list of BMSs, and what max voltage they can protect the battery from. Although this may be impractical as I see these BMSs change overtime, even ordering the same spec JBD BMS you might get one that is clearly different from a previous. Do we just have to tear them...
  • Post in thread: Budget 12V 100AH LiFePO4, LiTime vs Power Queen?

    FWIW I find the exact same components in most of these manufactures. I've even found a BMS that is silk screened "Li Time" in a Timeusb battery. Have a look
  • Post in thread: Sun tracking solar panel mount/kits.. why are they not more common?

    I'm hoping to update my tracker with bi-facials soon. I'll for sure make a video.
  • Post in thread: NORMAL - cell voltage deviation at 13.8 volts while charging at 10 amps

    Well an inverter is a 12v load device, so yes sounds like total BS.
  • Post in thread: Please help me think this through - A/C draining batteries overnight

    I don't trust no-name Chinese DC breakers. I only use reputable brands for protection devices.
  • Post in thread: Random experiment with portable AC unit

    Good info, thanks. Here in Texas our ACs never stop unless they're dead :)
  • Post in thread: PowMr are still ripoff, beware.

    Yup! I did a video on their new offering, which clearly looks like a current model MakeSkyBlue on the inside. Except the interface sucks, and I could not even figure out how to configure anything.
  • Post in thread: Victron VenusOS driver for serial connected BMS - JBD / Daly / ANT / JKBMS / Heltec / Renogy / Tian / ECS

    @Louisvdw I forked your great project, and made BluetoothBattery version. Right now it only supports JBD via Bluetooth I'll have the repo setup on github soon. It's not ready for primetime yet, and right now it requires build tools to be installed in Venus OS so bluepy can be installed...
  • Post in thread: Door to door sales people

    From what I read it's a credit (like child tax credit), not a deduction. So you can still use the "standard deduction" that most people use instead of itemizing.
  • Post in thread: Victron is Over-priced Eurotrash. Why would anybody buy Victron over an AiO?

    Yeah, I haven't found the time to continue work on it ATM. I think the Louisvdw repo now has bluetooth, so you might try that. BTW if anyone is interested in my repo I added a Virtual battery driver so you can series multiple batteries, and show up as one. I have two 12v batteries in my garage...
  • Post in thread: I just bought a Ampeak 1200 Watt Pure sign wave inverter for $71 with a digital display. Who thinks it will be good or junk?

    Thanks for the info, I grabbed one too. So we can beat these things up together (y) Smoking deal if it's any good, and with prime there's no risk really if it's junk.
  • Post in thread: Budget 12V 100AH LiFePO4, LiTime vs Power Queen?

    I suspect these brands are just that, a brand. Seems there's a single factory that churns all these out, and the brands can choose the models the factory offers to slap their name on, and market it. Just speculation on my behalf, but there is so much in common from the actual components, the...
  • Post in thread: Victron VenusOS driver for Bluetooth BMS

    Hey Guys, I added a new feature New Virtual Battery Feature [Experimental] You can now add up to 4 bt battery addresses to the command line. It will connect to all batteries, and create a single virtual battery. NOTE for now this only works with batteries in series, I will add parallel support...
  • Post in thread: Rules Clarification

    Thanks for clarifying, I was wondering the same thing, and didn't want to get banned for sharing my videos.
  • Post in thread: DIY 200ah LFP underperforming

    Sounds like the battery never got fully charged after you ran it down to 0% that first time. Then you went in, and changed BMS settings, which may have reset the SOC to something it's not, like 50% when it was actually 0% You need to let this battery top off, that probably means not using it...
  • Post in thread: So sad to see the days getting shorter...

    Me too. Just going to force me to put up more panels that are currently stacked on the ground.