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  • Post in thread: 5th wheel / RV mounting question...

    Similar storage compartment in the front of my RV. I put down 1” foil backed styrofoam, then 1/4” aluminum plate with a 200w 48v heater sandwiched in between. 3D printed cell holders (that came with my packs purchased from Lion energy on fleabay) allow for some airgap between cells. Another...
  • Post in thread: Non combustible backing board

    Hardi-backer, cement-like board used behind tile work, available at most hardware stores.
  • Post in thread: The great toilet paper apocalypse ?

  • Post in thread: Working on live PV wires. How can I do it safely?

    Throw a thick blanket or reflective tarp over the PV panels in order to reduce their output voltage to a touch safe level.
  • Post in thread: What is your hobby

    Radio controlled aircraft, home automation, avid homebrew consumer!
  • Post in thread: Will blasts Chargery

    Put a bigger dent in your bank account! LOL
  • Post in thread: Will blasts Chargery

    Imagine how boring the world would be if we all thought alike! LOL
  • Post in thread: Want a meter that'll do everything, maybe not so cheap.

    Your request reminds me of an old racing adage: cheap, fast, reliable - pick any two.
  • Post in thread: 3 x 2 or 2 x 3 ?

    If any panels may be suceptible to shading, then parallel is best. Otherwise series as many panels as your scc will allow.
  • Post in thread: Four 200AH cells Vs. Eight 100AH cells

    I haven’t, I’m just not a fan of having a potential single point of failure. OP asked for downsides of a single pack, just giving him one.
  • Post in thread: Will blasts Chargery

    For me, it's not a single setting or single special feature, but a combination of features: 48V/16S compatibility and hardwired serial comms selectable top/bottom/both balancing Jason is actively engaged in continuous product development, and listens to customer requests The chargery is the...
  • Post in thread: How to Parallel Balancing. (YEP 99% of us is doing it wrong)(PART#1)

    Your understanding is more than you are giving yourself credit for. The key point is charging vs. discharging in subfreezing temperatures. I believe it’s perfectly ok to discharge LFP when cold, but charging is detrimental. Passive balancers discharge the cell with the highest voltage. Perfectly...
  • Post in thread: Who has experience with (blue) aluminum cells in a mobile system?

    I have 64 of the same or similar cells, 50Ah, currently in 4P16S config in the front storage locker of my toy hauler. The pack rests on 1” styrofoam for both insulation and shock absorption. I live on a washboard road, so the pack sees its fair share of vibration. No issues so far, but it’s been...
  • Post in thread: The "Meg" Build

    I have my BSEE with 27 years experience in power distribution. The voltage dip on “start” and spike on “release” is characteristic of an inductive load. An inductor is basically just a coil of wire, which generates a magnetic field when current passes through it. When voltage is initially...
  • Post in thread: Laser welded studs of screw in?

    I'd like to see all cell manufacturers offer this type of terminal:
  • Post in thread: The great toilet paper apocalypse ?

    ...and not necessarily in that order!
  • Post in thread: The great toilet paper apocalypse ?

  • Post in thread: SSR testing

    Spoken like a true Engineer! LOL My parents knew I was destined to be an Engineer when the first thing I would do with a new toy is take it apart!
  • Post in thread: ANL fuse as a buss bar?

    If the pack has a BMS, a mid-pack open circuit will most likely damage/destroy the BMS.
  • Post in thread: Parallel or Serial

    Series connected panels are the way to go as long as your controller can handle the higher voltages (which it sounds like it can). There are several threads discussing the advantages of series vs. parallel.
  • Post in thread: Will blasts Chargery

    Please elaborate on this statement. Show me an equally priced bms with similar features that comes in an anodized aluminum case. For us DIYers with remote monitoring needs beyond the range of BlueTooth, it's the only BMS in its price range with an auxiliary serial port. There's several of us...
  • Post in thread: new bms features that I would like to see.

    I did something similar with a DIY 3-phase wind turbine which had 24 coils per phase. On startup, all 24 coils were in series. As RPMs increased coil arrangement transitioned to parallel in order to increase load on the turbine. Options were 24s1p, 12s2p, 8s3p, 6s4p, 4s6p, 3s8p, 2s12p and...
  • Post in thread: Remember safety using tools around cell terminals...

    My best guess would be “arc blast”. Vaporized copper expands by a factor of 67,000 in volume, which is enough force to launch dang near anything!
  • Post in thread: Complete Solar conversion for charging a 48V+12V Electric Pontoon

    I used this buck converter in my RV to eliminate the house battery. Now all 12v accessories are powered from the 48v bank.
  • Post in thread: My RV System - Ready to go in

    I would guess the smaller gauge black and blue wires are from the BMS, likely mounted to the side of the battery (out of shot).
  • Post in thread: Making 8AWG PV to SCC wires

    10AWG MC4 connections to a combiner box, then 8AWG from combiner box to SCC.
  • Post in thread: Chargery BMS communications.

    I finally got around to sniffing the data stream with a saleae, and saw no framing errors: Time [s],Value,Parity Error,Framing Error 0.244132960000000,$ (0x24),, 0.244219840000000,$ (0x24),, 0.244306720000000,W (0x57),, 0.244393440000000,'15' (0x0F),, 0.244480320000000,'16' (0x10)...
  • Post in thread: DIY BMS design and reflection

    After seeing what you were able to accomplish on the main board, I’m confident you will find a way to make it fit! :LOL:
  • Post in thread: 14AWG combined vs 1/0 Cable

    Comparing circular mils (cross sectional surface area) is probably a better comparison. 14awg is 4.107MCM and 1/0 is 105.531MCM, so it would take 26 14awg cables to equal one 1/0 cable.
  • Post in thread: DIY BMS design and reflection

    Serial LCDs only require clock and data lines, one less than shift registers to drive LEDs. With appropriate pin selections (A4,5), both options could be made available in the design.