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    This last part is all about, me me me, so if your not intrested, feel free to skip this post. I really like this setup and it provides for all my needs. Signature solar has treated me very well and have contacted me several times to insure that I am satisfied. I run my entire home off this...
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    Well, I wont fit in here but, here goes anyway... I spent a bunch of money with Signature Solar and was afraid of bad things to come. But, everything came in wood crates or boxes with a ton of thick foam. A minor scratch on somthing (i don't remember, don't care) and everything worked. I did...
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    Let me start you off, until the usual "know it all" shows up. I suggest spending some time, researching this matter. Only because it will he YOUR decision, in the end. As I understand, it is unlikely for you to make lightening strike any more frequent than nature. The issue with solar and...
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    When I designed My system, the initial cost was $18,000. After following all the advise from all the safety guys. My system would have cost $32,000. Being safe is of concern of most everybody. But, you have to listen, reason, then act in your best understanding of the people you can put merit...
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    My set up works better than I thought it would.... you know, with the wife running laundry, dishwasher, microwave, and then she thinks, hum....I'll have a piece of toast. All the while, holding the fridge. Door open.
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    Nobody likes a dead end thread.... I installed the updated firmware. I want everyone to know, I had a issue installing the new firmware. I called Signature Solar and left a message, i was dead in the water (stuck) Payton called me back in 10 min. AWSOME!!! he helped me through the issue...
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    Sorry to jump in, but the 12k growatt will accept 120 amps of input Pv. In any combination.
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    Nope, I'm long story short, I started my system unbalanced. Due to the wife buying me extra batteries as a gift. So I bumped up my array. Now I got everything fud up. I did look at the data sheet on line, and I believe it is the old data, from the 150v models they sold and are...
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    I think it's time to end this thread... The firmware update solved my intermittent restart issue, but with all firmware updates I've ever done, there are new issues. This time, I only found a small issue... the inverter will now allow a combined charge (solar and utility) to high for my...
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    I live in mid-michigan and do alright. My system is almost 2x the size I need the rest of the year. But, I am able to use my system all year without the need of an alternative power source, very often. We enjoy all the modern conveniences of power using appliances but, we are mindful of battery...
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    I had a similar issue with my inverter, set to "Li"( 50amp limited). This has been discussed around the forum. You can change to "use defined" and the limit will be gone. If you want to run your system in the "Li" communication mode, without the limit you will need S.S. to give you the firmware...
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    Voltage and amp is a good indication of proper functionality. On the back there should be a sticker of output specs. I would not buy them without a spec sticker. There would be no way to know the max outputs, and that is very important to know for the input of your inverter and/or system.
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    I keep my system at 68°F. Climate controlled. Better for all electronics AND, humidity less than 50%
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    I can't remember who, thinking it was around the time someone lost a main board (caps blown) on a growatt due to over voltage. I can find it, if it would be important to you. But, I still think it would work. Not to use it for voltage split, but for total amps. Anyway, a test to attempt another...
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    I had the same experience. The shippers covered the 2 panels and the portion of the shipping. They even refunded the full cost of one panel that was only cosmetically damaged. I wish you good luck with your claim. P.s. good pictures and as many as they want.
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    Agree with you!!! I live on a 100+ year old farm..... the answer to the question of 'work/changes done without a permit ' would be "yes to all". You can laugh but I'm not falling for their trap either.
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    Omg, I cant stop looking at it..... it's a work of art. But don't touch ANYTHING.
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    Let's not forget, the old adage "electricity travels in the path of least resistance " has been proven false. It is now " electricity travels on all paths back to source " it may not seem important at first but, can be significant to ones safty and understanding of how electricity moves.
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    My 2 cents... growatt 8000mpv dmv, 6 lif4 non display wired from a breaker to hot1 hot2 and Earthed lug on main earth. No stray voltage, no voltage on grounding wire (.03 + -) same as main or anywhere else. The batteries are good for me. I use about 15k per day. Pv array 9200w at 168 volts...
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    Not necessarily a fire hazard, at all. It all depends on wire size to current limiter. If you don't understand that statement than, yes fire, fire, fire. If that keeps you away. There is heat loss, this is how it works. The wire can be a thousand miles long, that's your resister. The heat is...
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    If it would not be too much work, you might try moving your top and bottom batteries to the middle and middle two, too the top and bottom. Then try your test again in a few days. This will confirm the position difference and rule out bms arguments. I plan to do this to my system every year or...
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    I was hoping you would not catch bad
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    I've never heard an alarm on mine. It might be a real nuisance if it did, for hours. It seems the alarm flash is normal. A few here have noted the same results. I called sigsol and was told that they don't know and never heard of it..?? Anyway, it should be ok. The batteries also seem to...
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    You can research emp suppressors, it will help you start. Some manufacturers claim hardness. I opted for high quality surge/lightning suppressors for my system.
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    I spent some time on your diagram. It looks pretty good. It appears you are under on volts and good on your watts. So, just check wire size now. There are charts out there that give you wire values for distance. I don't want to say my opinion about wire size on here because a LOT of people here...
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    I'm excited for you. Take your time and test every step of the way. It's easy to get the positive and negative mixed up for new installers. Just think of DC as twice what AC is.... dangerous stuff. And I'm NOT the safty police either. Good luck. Let us know how it went. ????
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    Crap, I put my wire in the conduit wrong 27 years ago. Now, after reading this, I wont sleep well tonight.
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    Yup, I ordered from S.S. but thanks anyway?
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    Short story... I spent months planning and doing the numbers. (Like three or four times) including wire size and resistance. After my full installation I was coming up short on input power. Again, I did the real world figures. Not the rated power or our hopeful power. I then measured voltage...
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    It should just be a setting. You decide what charge rate and order of priority.