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  • Post in thread: Wind Protection for Ground Mount PV Panels

    lets do some math!! first, for wind pressure loading we will use the simple cheat formular of around: pounds/sqft = 0.00256*(mph*mph) so 90mph wind results in a force of 21lbs/sqft (its double for a cat5 hurricane hehe). For a 4'x8' solar panel you have 32sqft * 21 = 672lbs force per panel. you...
  • Post in thread: the easy way to keep your cells balanced balancing

    so I have some aliexpress express cells and of course even after top balancing they quickly like to get out of balance... neither the daly or overkill solar BMS in "balance" mode does anything useful. with cells out of balance by about 130mv I let the bms do its balance thing for a few days...
  • Post in thread: Is it OK to leave solar panels in sunlight not connected to anything?

    those are the same guys that tell you to pay to put nitrogen in your tires.... Did they sell you a "solar panel energy draining device" to avoid explosions when not in use?
  • Post in thread: Fake News?

    thats because, at least in america, the is a massive decline in what is called "critical thinking skills"... basically, its not that people are stupid (which means they cannot think) its that they are being "taught" to be ignorant; because ignorant people do what they are told. sadly the jury...
  • Post in thread: Fake News?

    The events are real...but what you REALLY want to know is: A) is it a government next generation weapon system B) not from this planet and for that nobody knows so far; unidentifed does not mean (que spooky music)
  • Post in thread: Looking for a BMS that won't limit my charging or output

    given the danger of high current DC circuits, you definitely need the more expensive Class T fuses; anl fuses or others would just plasma arc and happily conduct all the current available, but it would be easy to find the spot where it failed!
  • Post in thread: Reality Vs Advert: The Impossible Whopper

    well, modern humans have been living off "meat" and preserving things with salt for about 200,000 years; so its probably not that big of a deal ;-) my recent ancestors (3 generators back at least) lived off salt as a preservative, eggs and bacon every day, pork fat and alchohol into their late...
  • Post in thread: Coulomb counter not strictly compatible with LiFePo4?

    well, only an old retired engineer here, so I will take a shot at making it "simple" ;) (said absolutely every engineer as they start their presentation) An amp is just a coulomb/sec or 1coulomb = 1amp * 1sec. the rate of flow of the electron does not give a hoot about the...
  • Post in thread: How will we pay for road maintenance if everyone has an EV and no-one pays gas taxes any more?

    HAHAHAHAHA.. not a SINGLE democratically run city in america has a budget that is not massively in debt with out of control crime and failing businesses; chicago, new york, los angeles, san jose (ok lots in california,, why do you people keep voting for them??) For the past 5yrs the democrats...
  • Post in thread: I am always fantasizing about having a energy efficient air conditioner for van life, anyone seen any concepts in tech news or anything?

    here ya go....extremely efficient, pet approved ;-)
  • Post in thread: the easy way to keep your cells balanced balancing

    perhaps some confusion, I did not mean you use these in place of a BMS or as part of your initial cell top balance. This is for the "normal" day-to-day imbalances that will happen; relying on the BMS that says it can balance has, at least for me with both a smart daly and an overkill bms, shown...
  • Post in thread: Why climate change is real

    yes, global devastating climate change is most certainly "political" and not actual science... climate always changes, however, you can easily go back over the past 60years and see that people in charge always declare some "soon to be" disaster approaching that we need to spend money...
  • Post in thread: Beware @Michael B Caro

    this is the fundamental issue that caught me and others... he ASSURED everyone that the money was in separate accounts and safe until product shipped...he absolutely, positively lied about this. This is not an issue of "got taken by surprise in world events of shipping/supply issues"...nope.. He...
  • Post in thread: Cheapest LiFePo4 batteries on the market

    it is real easy to find the cheapest batteries on the market...however... you want to actually get the lowest $/kwh which is wayyyyyy different than finding the cheapest battery hehe
  • Post in thread: Cabin Permitting - Need sizing to meet Wa State energy efficiency Req

    step one...move to another state ; NOT california ;-)
  • Post in thread: fyi warning about liitokala varicore flagship store not buy

    UPDATE... I managed to get even aliexpress to agree that I cannot upload a 12hr video with a 500mb limit, so they agreed to allow me to upload the video to online storage site and send them the link... so I uploaded the looooong video which was compressed down to 2GB and finally aliexpress did...
  • Post in thread: Why topbalance all the way to 100% if you do not intend to ever charge the pack to more than 80-90% ?

    sadly there is some truth to this if you buy the lower end flukes...hence the need to get a voltage reference. That said, Even the cheaper units will meet their specifications so you have to read the fine print hehe. for example here is the spec for fluke 117: DC volts: +/-0.5% + 2counts and for...